Louwa was born during the month of march in Jay and Nya's third year of marriage, he began to show his ninja powers when he was only four years old. He later went on to become famous in his fight against the titanium serpents where he revealed his green ninja potential . he went on to fight many more battles against enemies of Ninjago with his best friend Thai at his side.

The Art of Spinjitzu

Louwa was busy training with Thai and a dozen other students when the alarm rang it was revealed, that a massive purple hole had opened and metal creatures were coming out. Nya went there with Jay while the students kept training, a few minutes later Jay called and said they needed help Lloyd went to their aid with the students and the fought the army of titanium snakes but were repelled quickly. At the end of the episode the students unlock spinjitzu abilities.


The Ninja retreat to Borg tower where Nya is wounded, and Cyrus Borg tells them about the Overlords plan to convert the sepentine into cybernetic slaves. The Students receive new Ninja armor designed by Borg while Nya is given new Samurai gear. the students then receive new jump bikes and attack the serpents.

Power of the ninja

The students rejoice at their victory but they're joy is short lived as they are attacked by Civilians who have serpent like head pieces that control them. The students are almost defeated when Zane, Lloyd, Kai, and Cole arrive and repel the converted civilians.

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