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Lord Garmadon is the supreme leader of the Doom Clan and the corrupted brother of Sensei Wu, son of Master Jonathan, father of Lloyd & Jason, and husband of Miranda. He is the main antagonist of Ninjago.


Garmadon was born to Master Johnathan, but was lost and adopted to the Garmadon family. He was the Midbrother of 3 brothers. He became friends with Rick Brewer, an Unknown Guy (reavealed as Lord Business), Mr. Bronstone, Bobby Wasabi, and his younger brother. he started dating Miranda Garmadon. he went to Japan to find out about his biological family.

After meeting and finding out they were brothers, Garmadon and Sensei Wu were very great friends as young children. One day, while they were sparring, Wu's katana was accidentally knocked over the wall of the Monastery. Wu told Garmadon to retrieve it, and he did so, despite their father's warnings to stay in the Monastery. Garmadon eventually found the Katana under the bushes, but before he could pick it up, a strange, green snake bit him, causing him to pass out.Edit

Because of the snake bite, Garmadon was very ill for quite some time. It turned out that he was bitten by the Great Devourer, which contained venom that filled Garmadon's mind with pure evil. As a result, Garmadon became very violent and selfish, blaming Wu for his alternative change. However, he managed to resist the corruption for many years, marrying Misako and begining to constantly ditch her to travel and meet with Miranda.

After Johnathan passed away, both Sensei Wu and Garmadon vowed to protect the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu at all costs. Unfortunately, the Devourer's poison started to taking over Garmadon, and he tried to have the Golden Weapons for themselves. He and Wu have a very climatic battle, and at the end, Garmadon got struck by lightning by the Light Emperor and was banished. He went to America and married Miranda but they lived in a ruined Church in Palmopolis because it was the only thing they affored. Miranda was pregnant with Lloyd and Jason. but when the boys were born, Garmadon's friends and Family in America saw the adorible twins, but Miranda and his family were destroyed by Cherell (he thought it was Zeus doing a favor for Wu.) Garmadon sent Lloyd to be raised by Rick Brewer and Jason to be raised by some Russian people. Garmadon then trained Xenna, Chris Bradford and Samukai and trained them the evil of Spinjitsu and they founed the Doom Clan.


Lord Garmadon has a cruel and evil personality. He just yells at his henchmen when they fail him. When he is pure angry, he uses a lightning bolt to strike one of his own henchmen with it.

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