Rise of the Predacons

The Titan Army

Lord Garmadon's future Army is an army of Garmadon's Brainwashed Titans who he had serve his Doom Clan. they were created by Garmadon to take over the world with his Doom Clan. 


The Army was about to be created by Lord Garmadon when he and his Doom Clan decided to brainwash titians for his cause which he brainwashed Zavok and and made him recrut the other Zeti and they became his only recruits until he found more.

Future MembersEdit

  • Banana Bomb (Traitor)
  • The Deadly Six (Not Actually but they were just brainwashed, they later turned aganst him)
    • Zavok
    • Zazz
    • Zik
    • Zomon
    • Zor
    • Zoko
  • Robot masters (Only appeared in Crossover)
    • Kai Man
    • Jay Man
    • Cole Man
    • Lloyd Man
    • Slithraa Man
    • Dogpound Man
    • Samukai Man
    • Banana Bomb Man (Replacement for Banana Bomb)
  • Spanking Spider
  • Kronos
  • Stone Army
    • General Kozu
  • Predacons
    • Predaking
    • Predatron
    • Hydraboss
    • Dragonfang
    • Griffinthorn
    • Predablast
    • Poison Scream

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