Lord Deorc is a villain created by Purplebrick333. Please do not use the character or alter the article without his permission.


Deorc is very smart and crafty. He is intimidating and persuasive, able to talk almost anyone into doing anything. His one weakness is that he can be distracted rather easily and be made to leave holes in his plans. He also has a highly sarcastic sense of humor.

Deorc controls the Darkthings, most of whom serve him willingly, and resides in a dark underground base in the woods not to far from Lucinox.


Deorc has dark hair, dark eyes, with some sort of facial hair somewhere, but those are usually hidden by a hood and cloak. In his younger days, he was considered rather handsome.


Most of Deorc's early history is too spoiler-ridden to be written at the moment.

The oldest part of his history that can be revealed at this time is about a year before The Light Meets the Dark takes place. Deorc sneaks into The Old Master's dojo/monastery to spy, and possibly kill the old man. Unfortunately for Deorc, Keara, a student of The Old Master, leaps upon him and forces him to flee.

The Light Meets the DarkEdit

Deorc returns to Lucinox with a different purpose: to recruit the girl who attacked him. In this he suceeds, though slightly hindered by a promise to leave her friend Allie alone. He corrupts Keara, sets her as second-in-command, and starts work on a master plan.

His story comes to an unexpected end when Allie, with the help of her new ally Aaron, kill him in an attempt to capture him. Whoops.


His earliest involves spoilers, so...

  • Keara - Once his enemy, and then his friend, Deorc saw the potential for greatness in the girl.
  • The Old Master - It's not known for sure how these two met, but it sure wasn't over a nice cup of tea. Though The Old Master never went out of his way to get rid of him, Deorc wasn't that nice...
  • Allie - Never knew her, barely even saw her, but still hated her with all of what little heart he has. Her friend Aaron barely ranks higher.

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