Lloyd Silver Crown Action (Roiido Sirruba Kuraun Aksion) is a Ninjago version of Moon Tiara Action. This attack is often used by Lloyd. Lloyd take his silver armour from his ninja mask, turning it into a glowing frisbee look-like energy disk, says "Lloyd Silver Crown Action!", and throw it to the enemy. The enemy will usually destroy into a glass pieces. When he upgrade into Kimono Ninja or The Golden Ninja, the phrase change into Lloyd Golden Crown Action (Roiido Gorudo Kuraun Aksion), since his armour turn from sillver to gold. It is a very strong and powerful moveset.


  • The other ninja also use this attack, though they use it only once per ninja. the phrase are almost same as Lloyd's, with only some specific change (Kai/Jay/Cole/Zane Golden/Silver Crown Action (Kai/Jeiyu/Kooru/Zeino Gorudo/Sirruba Kuraun Aksion))
    800px-Evil Lloyd Garmadon

    Lloyd Garmadon, in Retaliation

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