Lloyd Ryan Carter is the son of Luke Carter and an unknown woman. His uncle is Lloyd Garmadon (a.k.a. Luke's brother). He was named after his uncle by his father. He is currently ten years old. He is a hero and admires Ninjago.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lloyd has a different last name than his uncle who he shares a name with, because his father changed his last name. When he was only four, his mother died.

Training Begins Edit

Lloyd begins training to become a ninja.

Meeting Twitch Edit

Lloyd was walking one day when he bumped into another little boy. Lloyd said, "Hi, my name is Lloyd, what's yours?" The boy said, "Twitch." (although his real name is Sam, he calls himself Twitch.)

The First Day of School Edit

Lloyd got up and remembered it was the first day of Ninja School. His dad and Twitch's dad had started it for some of their children and others too. Lloyd and Twitch then saw a kid being bullied by another student. Lloyd then ran up to the bully and kicked him, breaking his nose. The kid thanked him and said his name was Jack.

Meeting Billy Edit

Lloyd went to the park one day and saw a kid who looked very sad. Lloyd asked him what was wrong and he said his grandfather had just died. Lloyd told him his name and asked for his. The boy's name was Billy.

Appearence Edit

Lloyd has the face of his uncle, Lloyd Garmadon, but he has brown hair like his dad. He also wears a shirt with the ice tiger on it.

Personality Edit

Lloyd loves having fun, playing with his friends, and eating any type of sweets from muffins to candy (he got that from his uncle, I'm sure.).

Weapons Edit

He usually uses either a shot pistol or a small dagger.

Images Edit


From Left To Right: Twitch's dad, Luke(Lloyd's dad), Lloyd, Twitch, Billy, Jack


Lloyd and his dad.

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