Little Orphan Heroes





Original Airdate

April 17, 2013

Storyboard Artist(s):

  • Tim Hill
  • Stephen Hillenburg


  • Phil Lord
  • Chris Miller


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Kai's College

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Kai, Nya,Karen, and Kate have now become superheroes. After surviving the incidents in Ninjago City, Kai, Karen, Nya, and Kate relocate to a new home called Training Heroes Academy and agent schools Academy, where they intentionally attract the attention of the local villainous population in order to avenge the deaths of their family members, Thomas and Rachael.


It’s been a year since the Ninjago city of Barrow’s population was decimated by vampires during its annual month long polar night. Riddled with grief over the death of their parents, bound by nightmares, and void of all emotions beyond hate and sorrow, Kai, Karen,Nya, and Kate have spent the past months traveling the world, trying to convince others that vampires exist. In the orphanage,Karen is waiting for professor tom,who adopt Karen into the car with colena,suzane and jayna, while wu and Garmadon arrives At orphanage, meanwhile Kai, Nya, and Kate sleep and wake up to get adopted by Wu and taken to a school called Training Heroes Academy.

At nighttime, Kai, Nya, and Kate go to bed,when they wu up to them,It the paradise islands, the gate keeper at Castle royal checking Wu and garmadon's passport, As they are allowed through the gate, they enter a stagecoach that takes them to the castle. When they enter the castle, the lalaloopsy children have significantly changed in appearance, now wearing fancy clothes and show signs of mild intelligence. One of the the fancy lady is dangling from the ceiling, and announces their arrival, but does not quite get their names right. The Fat man eating clown demon named king paradise appears, having gained much more weight since the last episode he was in. Rachael also appears has survieds, but her legs are gone and half her face is bitten off. He follows on a device that lets her hover. Both Wu,Garmadon and their studnet are surprised to see the changes in both of the them. King paradise bends over and welcomes the two. When Rechael attempts to welcome them, the King stops her. Instead, he instructs Puppets Head to announce that it is dinner time, who does so immediately.

The scene shifts to the dinner table. The lalaloopsy children enjoy the sophisticated party, while servants serve buffet-based food. Lloyd switches places with a lalaloopsy detective girl named halen smarten. Has pet hamster named jerry mouse to sit next to Them. Kai asks how Wu is doing, but sensei wu responds by telling Them that something has happened to the two woman, and that he is concerned because they used to be identical. The gluttonous king paradise smacks Rachael with a leg of chicken for floating too high on his device, and greedily devours more food. He then orders for a floor show. Jay offers to play in it with his guitar, but King says that only lalaloopsy are allowed. The show consists of two girls April Sunsplash and Frost I.C. Cone, one smacking herself, and another just going "LA" over and over, which does not please king paradise at all. He electrocutes the performers with a remote control button, which makes them do it faster and louder. While the show proceeds, the satisfied king paradise takes a His daughter, kelly's piece of bread, his only food, and eats it. Rachael, feeling pity, gives some of her bread to kelly. King paradise is outraged by this, and screams "UNACCEPTABLE" while Rachael murmurs "acceptable..." The king and Rachael then argue over this. Wu says that she cannot watch the king and queen fight anymore, so he wanders off.

While wandering around the castle, which seems to be falling apart, he discovers coral sea-shell, a talented young Lalaloopsy child singing a song of sorrow with her harp. Wu loves the little girl instantly, and says that she can come to the Ninjago city with him because coral says king paradise hates her and her music, locking her in a filthy bathroom. Suddenly, both them burst in the door, and king paradise smashes Coral's harp. Wu says that coral is a brilliant doll, and should go to the city, but king paradise snatches him away. Garmadon and Wu schemes of how to free coral sea-shell, and, as suggested by their studnet, pulls a prank along with Them on king paradise by exploding his pudding during dessert. This gets both Of them stuck in the dungeon with coral. Coral plays Wu's flute at their urging, but she plays awfully. Suddenly, both they dance into the room, hearing the awful noise as beautiful music. Rechael releases them all, to the utter anger and outrage of King paradise. King says that his queen is too soft, and he again eats Rachael whole.

He, Garmadon,their studnet, and coral escape, but find that the castle gates are locked. Zane suggests pranking him again, but They replies angrily that that will not work, and that they are too old for that stuff. Suddenly, king paradise appears on a balcony, and orders all of his people to kill all nine of them. During the battle, Rechael forces her way halfway out of king's mouth to stop the fight. She tells them all to listen to her, and she releases them from service to his queen. She says: It has cost me much...but I have learned..that People need not died child to survive. THOMAS, JR! Go forth! Grow strong to all age and return for me and your father! Go!"

King paradise eventually forces his queen back into his stomach. The People help the nine heroes over the castle gate, while king paradise stares at kai in hatred.

Years later, the alarm clock goes off, and Kai, Nya, and Kate wake up. They look for their parents/uncle/aunt, but they look at the bed beside them and find that it is empty. They then rush to the living room, collect all of the furniture, and put all of it in one place.

Later that evening, Kai, Nya, and Kate host a party with Jay, Zane, Cole, Kira, Kalen, Angela, Jack, Lloyd, Window, and other children. As things go well, it backfires as the alarm clock from earlier that day flies into the pile of furniture and messes up the party. Kai hurts his ear when the alarm clock goes off next to him, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, Jack, Angela, Nya, Kalen, Kira, Window, and Kate, then Emma, Wu, Misako, and Garmadon arrive to go bed.

In the morning, the children practice karate in the training room. Samukai practices with them, showing off his various skills while taunting them and telling them to demonstrate what they've learned. Jay then lifts his arm and leg and loses balance, which results in a fish landing on Samukai. Kai then pops out and says, "This is much more fun with my dad.

Wu, Emma, Misako, and Garmadom arrive to practice cooking in the kitchen. Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole make noodle soup without their parents. As they serve them, they trip and accidentally throw it on Angela, Nya, Kalen, and Kira. They smell something in the kitchen, which turns out to be the noodles burning. Kai, Jay, Zane, and Cole then blow the fire out, but Zane drops his chef hat on the stove, causing a fire in the kitchen. With their career being ruined and the Lover Teammates, crew the Skullins and their girlfriends, Bride Zombie running away, Kai realizes that if his parents were there and still alive, then everything would've been fine. Wu and Garmadon arrive again, and Kai then fixes the problem. Then they train later in the night, and Kai becomes the leader of the superheroes.

In the morning, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, Jack, Angela, Nya, Kalen, Kira, Window, and Kate are on their way to Training Heroes Academy, where they spot a large factory pipe mounted on the school's roof. Inside is a parked boat pumping carbon dioxide into the pipe and out into the atmosphere. Emma, Wu, Misako, and Garmadon explain that they're using global warming to their own advantage, creating a school called Rainbow Heart Moving School" and allowing them to open the "Training Pool" year-round. However, the children have a plan to create a more-effective flying school.

Later, Emma, Wu, Misako, and Garmadon are seen in the office craft with tiny wax figurines of their students and Club Pool. However, the figurines suddenly start to melt as a result of the raised. temperatures. Emma, Wu, Misako, and Garmadon exit the office to see seventeen boats pumping carbon dioxide into the air.

Outside, Ninjago City has become a burning wasteland. The children are seen throwing tires into a fire, explaining that they're helping to cause more global warming. A mob of citizens is seen running towards Training Heroes Academy, which Emma, Wu, Misako, and Garmadon think are going to the pool. However, they literally run right over the quartet, and Jennifer and Emmet explain to them that they're moving north, not being able to live in the new climate because it is too hot.

Wu and his brother are both depressed and frustrated from the heat, and they exit to swim in the pool while Kai is excited to cannonball into the pool. However, the water quickly evaporates, then his sister, cousin, and friends run away, and Kai lands in the empty concrete pool, exclaiming, "Ouch." Then the episode ends.


  • Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith
  • Nya N. Smith
  • Kate Marie L. Rose
  • Jason "Jay" Walker
  • Zane Julien-Roberts
  • Coleman "cole"Brookstone Hence-Buckets
  • Angela William G. Dragson
  • Kalen Alison E. Johnson
  • Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson
  • Lloyd Garmadon
  • Window sarah Wu
  • Jack Rose
  • Thomas Smith (silent cameo)
  • Rachael Smith
  • Laura Jones (debut)
  • Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon
  • Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon
  • Emma Wu
  • Misako Garmadon
  • Jennifer Fanson
  • Emmet Brickowski (debut)
  • Samukai (debut)
  • Nuckal (debut)
  • Kruncha (debut)
  • king paradise (debut)
  • lalaloopsy (debut)
  • kelly Robert (debut)
  • professor tom (debut)
  • Other Skullins (debut)
  • Female Bride Zombies (debut)

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