Little helpers Elf, Ginger and Sarah are recruited by Borodo smarter, a super-thief who, alongside her inventor adoptive brother, Akisu, hatches a plot to defeat the trump siblings for take over the world.


Little Helpers are small, joyful elves-shaped human who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who have only one purpose: to serve history's most heroics savior. They successfully find great heroes was santa's family, including a Santa's parent, A burglar, santa's uncle and anut, Dracula, and Santa's visiter, but after accidentally killing nearly all of them, due to their incompetence, soon after, they decide to isolate themselves from the world and start a new life in North Pole By 1968, the lack of a savior drives them into depression, so one fearless twin Little helper named Elf and ella comes up with a plan to find a new one for his kind He is joined by bored, twin guitar-obsessed, teenage Brother and sister like gingerbread people named Ginger and Gina (who unwittingly was selected) and lovable young Twin siblings Sarah and Snow (due to his begging and a lack of volunteers want to find a lover, except Snow who want to go journey).

After a long journey, the Little Helpers arrive at Japanese. While spending the night in a shopping mall, they access the secret Heroes channel where they learn about Thieves-Con, a thief convention where all the superheroes gather from around the world, which is to be held in Singapore, Malaysia. They manage to hitch a ride to Singapore, where coincidentally, the teenagers who drives them are pirates was leaded by a young woman named Alice forest then they heading to Thief-Con as well. After seeing various thieves, including a sumo wrestler, a fish creature named Frankie Fishlips, they finally become the henchmen for Thief brothers, Borodo smarter (which Alice is fell in love.) and Akisu wilson, the world's first male thieves.

Thief brothers takes the Little Helpers and alice to their residence in Clockwork island, where he instructs the Little Helpers to steal Dimond clock from Trump Siblings, a group of dangerous pirates with their captain, Bear King, who intends on becoming Pirate King of Clockwork Island for him, threatening to execute them if they fail. With weapons from Andy, Alice's best friend, the Little helpers successfully break into the Tower of Trump Siblings, however, the crown, at the same time, is being delivered to the Sir slicer and his family. The Little helpers steal the crown from the Slicer's carriage, destroying the carriage, while pursued by the police. In the process, Ginger crash lands on the mythical Sword in the Stone, where he pulls the sword Excalibur out easily to defend himself. Sir slicer's sister, Madam Silent is then removed from the throne, and Elf is crowned as the new King of the Clockwork Island.

Convinced they are traitors, Bear king confronts the Little helpers and threatens to execute them. The Little helpers try to clear up the misunderstanding, and King Elf abdicates in Bear king's favor. However, Bear king then betrays the Little helpers, locking them in the palace dungeon where they are to be tortured by Skunk one. The Little helpers' unusual shapes and abilities save them from getting hurt, and when Pin joker goes to attend Boo Jack's coronation, the Little helpers escape the dungeon through a sewer, intending to apologize to Borodo's lover interest.

At Westminster Abbey, Alice, her friends, Thief brothers and the Little helpers accidentally interrupt Bear king's coronation by unscrewing a chandelier, which falls and crushes Bear king and Honey queen before they could be crowned. Bear King survives and angrily orders the attendees of the coronation, some of which are super-villains from Thief-Con, to execute Alice, her friends, Thief brother and the Little helpers. Alice, her friends and Akisu are captured while Borodo and The little helpers hides in a bar where they finds Santa's daughter Scarlette, Sir slicer, his family and Akisu's Parent there. After learning that Trump siblings is going to execute Alice, her friends and Akisu, Borodo and the little helpers breaks into Trump's laboratory while chased by the super-villains and Trump pirates, where elf accidentally triggers a machine earlier in the film which turns borodo into a giant monster and destroys the Trump siblings residence in the process, scaring the super-villains and Trump pirates away.

Simultaneously, the rest of the Little helpers in Antarctica encounter a few Yetis who move into the cave that they live in. The Little helpers welcome the Yetis and begin to work for the leader. But once again, they accidentally kill their leader when a piece of ice falls on his head, causing the remaining Yetis to pursue Santa and the Little helpers in anger. Santa and The Little helpers then travel around the world to find Elf, Ginger, Sarah, ella, gina, snow and their new master to serve in Clockwork Island.

The Little helpers and The gigantic Borodo rescues their companions from death as the army of Little helpers and santa arrive in Clockwork island. Bear king is distracted by the army of Little helpers during the battle and Borodo knocks her away through numerous buildings. However, Bear King attempts to escape with His crew using his king cannon as a rocket after sending a missile which Borodo swallows, sacrificing himself to save Elf, ella, Ginger, Gina, Sarah, snow, Alice, Akisu, Alice's friends and the Little helpers. Before escaping, Borodo is able to hold onto Bear king's rocket, seemingly killing them and the little helpers (who run to save Borodo from his death) shrinking himself back to his original size as the missile he swallowed explodes.

Akisu and his parent is once again crowned King of the Clockwork island and, in front of a crowd, presents Elf, Ginger, and Sarah with their rewards for their brothers and sister: a healing antidote tool kit and item shifter kit for Sarah and Snow, an electric guitar and snowglobe (later replaced by a snowglobe after Gina get the guitar) for Ginger and Gina and the Knights Bachelor respectively for Elf and Ella. After wedding of Borodo and alice, Bear king is suddenly revealed to be alive and snatches the Akisu's Crown, Teddy bear and kidnap Slicer's and Slient's parent with His crew, but they are stopped and frozen in defeated by a young ten year old david Jones, who takes the crown from him then return to while get his teddy bear. Slicer is disappointed and alone in anger that jones accidentally freeze their parent until Sarah gives them her fire crystal she was given from Akisu. At the end, the Little helpers see Jones as their new potential friends when they remember from their past after stole jones's teddy bear and chase after jones's grandparent to his homeland, setting up the plot for Regular life as a Teenage Child.

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