season 0Edit

Aftershock: angry mob of prisoner guy with tattoos wanted to rape thomas dreamer, but until get killed by aftershock.

Thomas's Honeymoon : they like Rachel and Thomas are love each other.

What Happened to Kai? : they wanted to give to crystal robbers with rainbow hearts gems, but later crystal robber is killed by t.n.t, due to slenderman.

Little orphan heroes : they run to someone else, but emmet told them it too hot.

Lloyd jobs :angry mob of wild cow attack them,but it learn lloyd take care of them.

Kai journey to defeat : Bella henchman attack teammate crews in 12:60.

season 1Edit

Lego Ninjago (Fanon Version):, an angry mob of skeleton army appears when Kai shouts, "My minion, attack!". They kick Dralyn,Finn and jake off of the Ninjago city.

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