Lin (Full name Linda Amelia Anderson) is a Master of Wind. Breeze is a nickname of hers.

Back StoryEdit

Lin grew up in a village near Ninjago City. She lived an average life until a master of dark magic by the name of Master Soulis, took over the village. With an army of magically summoned beings, he killed Lin's parents when they resisted.

Lin, though generally timid, was angered, resolving to defeat Soulis. Though she had yet to discover her element, she made a gi, armed herself with her mother's twin daggers, and created the nickname Breeze to hide her identity. She made two friends, Justice, a ninja with Nature powers, and Sierra, a master of Gravity, who trained her and helped in her attack.

Her fight with Soulis ended in him being sucked into his own portal. Some time after that incident, she began to regret her actions, her friends left her, and she abandoned her ninja ways, going by Lin again.

Lin met the ninja in between Seasons 2 and 3. Zane suspected she was an Elemental Master of some sort and offered to let him and his friends train her. She accepted, and soon grew so close to the team, especially Zane, she ended up living with them.

The events of Rebooted left her devastated with the loss of Zane. She shut herself away from the others, until discovering her element: Wind. She had heard of Lloyd's wish to find a new member, but was afraid they would expect her to be as good as Zane was and didn't think she could live up to that. So she continued her solitude to secretly train herself with her powers.

Not long after, she overheard the ninja talking about Zane still being alive and the Tournament of Elements. Hoping to see Zane, she secretly followed them to join the tournament.

This and further history will be detailed in various short stories.


' Justice and 'Sierra - Though they helped Lin get into Zhan's house, and they all had a mutual respect for each other, Alice was forced to go back home, and Tanya didn't want to be a team after that. The two never actually knew Lin's real name.

Zane - After meeting her, the two became very close... Yes, yes, you can ship. Lane is their ship name, though you can do Blizzardship too if you want, assuming it's not used for another ship.

The Other Ninja - Lin becomes close friends with the other members of the team as time goes on. She is Kai's favorite training partner for sparring.

Morro - Lin and Morro are cousins, both being masters of Wind. Because of this relationship, the two promised not to fight or hurt each other.

Lin in RoleplayEdit

In RPs, Lin is very supportive of her fellow RP companions and strives to make peace when necessary. She will most likely be friendly with any good characters, even if they don't really like her. But If put in the center of attention, or if you joke about her and Zane, she becomes embarrassed very easily.

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