Take this! And that!! And this!!!

-Lily fighting some Nindroids

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Lily is the brown Ninja of Animals and the youngest of her Ninja group, the Ninjettes (she's 15, the others are sixteen). She was chosen by Sensei Pelatina along with Karly , Bianca , and Skylar to become better fighters.


Lily's whole family, including her grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. have all suffered from a huge disease and passed away, her being the only one left of her family. Upset about this, she ran away from her hometown, ending up in Ninjago. She later tried to steal from a small convenience store but luckily got rescued by Skylar and Bianca before the owner could stab her. At that point, Lily decided to join Skylar and Bianca to form their own group of fighters.


Lily is a white girl with light green eyes and long blond hair that is put into a braided ponytail.

Her current outfit is a brown sweater, brown pants, and brown boots.



Lily is always friendly towards those she loves. Even if she gets mad at someone, she will always apologize or forgive them at the end.


Lily hates being teased or made fun of and reacts quickly by trying to attack the person doing so.


Lily is one to get mad easily. Refer back to her sensitive personality.


Lily is always ready to make new friends, no matter what.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Lily's past weapon was a big hammer similar to Amy Rose's Piko Piko hammer.

Her current weapon is the light green Techno Blade.

Lily can talk to any animal and transform into them. She has yet to learn how to transform into a dragon.

Relationship with LloydEdit

Lloyd and Lily have a huge crush on each other. They're always seen together, chatting, laughing, fighting, and even dating. If they continue doing these activities together, they just might become one.


  • Lily was originally a Barbarian that helped the Ninja.


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