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Lego Ninjago Predacons Uprising





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June 12, 2014

Song and Short

Mirror Song/What if Darkyn Was a Pink Ninja?

That's All Folks

Porky Pig


Magic Skycable Digibox - Part 2


Kai's First Date

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Darlyn becomes a pink ninja after the demonic queen's death. She's then return her long lost adoptive brother Kai, who is now aged 34. he tries to help zane mother who get bitten by Sumatran Rat Monkey, she gets sick, and dies, which he help zane to save his mother.


The first scene sets up the danger of the "Sumatran Rat Monkey" (just like in Magic Skycable Digibox), a hybrid creature that, "according to legend", resulted from the abuse of tree monkeys on the demonic queen's kingdom by plague-carrying rats. Dan Brickowski, an explorer returning from the depths of the island with his guide and team and his nephew Emmet Brickowski, is carrying a rat-monkey in a cage and is stopped by deonic henchman natives that demand the return of the monkey. Dan escapes with the cage, and Emmet runs to the rest of his team in a waiting Jeep, leaving his nephew behind and the natives in hot pursuit. As the jeep takes off, Dan's nephew catches up and jumps on board. In the ensuing melee, Dan gets bitten by the Rat-Monkey. Seeing the mark of the monkey's bite on his right hand, Emmet immediately holds down the infected explorer and amputates the appendage. A bite mark is then seen on his left arm, which swiftly results in the removal of that limb. Finally, they see a set of bloody scratches on Dan's forehead and kill him. The title screen follows Emmet's uncle's dying scream, and as they captured rat-monkey is shipped to Wellington Zoo in Ninjago city while lauren (zane mother) was biten by it she crush it head and die.

The episode starts out with Darlyn, Finn, and Jake rescuing a porcupine named Flaky (from Happy Tree Friends) from a group of zombies in a graveyard. During the chaos, Flaky gets captured by one. Darlyn follows the zombie, and its gets beaten by a mysterious lego person. Suddenly, she spots a red ninja wrestling with a giant zombie. She takes out her lego comic book and identifies him as the flame ninja. Darlyn thinks that he is in trouble and goes to wrestle the zombie all by himself. The fire ninja manages to escape the zombie, but Darlyn ends up inside it. The fire ninja then rescues Darlyn and throws the zombie into the coffin. Darlyn introduces herself, and the flame ninja introduces himself as Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith (just like in " what happened to Kai was become heroes"). Darlyn remember kai was the one who gave it then kai grab it back and flee like a ninja.

darlyn will explain kai was her adoptive brother then Finn and jake learn that darlyn memory, Ninjago heroes, are in fact living in the Ninjago city worldland home, and they then try to bring the two (Kai,jay,zane amd cole) out of take a break, much to the annoyance of the geriatric Ninjago city superheroes who only want zane mother to get well. Darlyn being say "there evil afoot then jay screaming "EVIL!!!!" Which darlyn finn and jake get kicked out by a female fighter named lucy Brickowski (nicknamed wildstyle). Then emmet Brickowski ask them want to get it back while emmet will get it back meanwhile kai,jay,zane and cole are in zane house emmet will ask them about story of unknown kai lier want to eat his meatloaf before if he don't get of here, while he say "then by the power invested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife" wildstyle arrives and say "What is going on in here? Kai" and being to married to emmet after kai say "You may kiss the groom!" Before he get kicked out into darlyn,Finn and jake Who corned on tree of statues finn will ask did he get her gems back emmet say "no but i have a wife named Lucy".

meanwhile in graveyard zane starting to crying in horror after lose his mother while Darlyn dressed as teenage girl with purse she gasp when it stole by emmet dressed as fake purse robbers and she calling for help! Kai walking to her and ask for help, but Kai is lier to Darlyn and ask to her "She could ask zane to be sorry about his mother and he's cry when his mom is dead as he countied to cry in horror as she ask him "I'm sorry zane about your mom" Kai argue to zane who argue for killing his mother (who not alive) jay and cole stop them not to argue each other as Darlyn to talking them "this she cheer them up she almost painted Kai house Kai angry at them being jerk and he start to ask them to beat evil afoot (jay countied to screaming "evil!!!") then he point to them to use a weapon and beat them and out of the ninjago city while an age 12 boy was called lloyd who is hire them now as them to give a letter to Darlyn meanwhile Darlyn read it to be sorry.

When darlyn arrives at Training heroes academy, Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd is in their uniform, since they does not need their technology glitch watch inside. Darlyn goes inside, and notices that the humanity flesh level drops to almost nothing. She panics, and tells Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd that there is no energy humans. Thye tells her that, it's just no glitch. Darlyn says that there isn't any problem and tries hard to stay alive. He doesn't realize that live action human need human flesh to survive.

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd gives her a tour of the training, showing her that they has a canteen room, a bathroom, a bedroom, a studyroom and other things. During this, Darlyn quickly sneaks over to the piranha tank, which is filled with flesh, and soaks up the flesh of cow. Sneaky the piranha then angrily kicks her out.

Darlyn gives kai some food. Kai is very pleased and they decides to get a vase for them to decorate. Kai asks Darlyn if he needs anything, and he replies, "'Flesh would be nice'", though Kai does not reply to that, and simply leaves to gets the vase.

Meanwhile, Jake and finn, watching from inside the training heroes academy, tells Darlyn to keep her pinky finger up. Kai comes back and puts the food in a vase, filled with ice cold water, on the picnic table. Darlyn tries to resist drinking the flesh blood. Kai asks her to tell him about herself, and remarks that being a "human critter" must be fascinating. However, the oven dings and Kai goes to get the package and cookies.

Darlyn eventually gives in (after a mental battle of assuring himself that he doesn't need the flesh, and finally screams, "I NEED IT!"), drinks it, and runs for the door, declaring that she is a quitter. Finn and jake , thinking he is being shy around Her adoptive family, quickly enters the training heroes academy and tries to convince her to stay. After a moment, Finn and jake also realizes that there is no flesh. The three struggle to get out of the training heroes academy, but are unsuccessful.

When Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd comes back with earn some money, Kai screams in horror as they spots both His adoptive sister and Finn and jake dried up on the floor. Sensei wu helps them by giving them a technology glitch watch and mentions that if they needed flesh, they are get punishment for leave to darlyn was young.

In the epilogue, kai is sleep on chiar while Emmet walks in and asks for a Wedding cake. Darlyn then flies into the zane career and makes a huge stream of Wedding cake, which hit Emmet and sends him flying out of the school. Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd, in a sarcastic and sing-song tone, tells Wu and garmadom to come and see his new students.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith (debut)

Jason "Jay" Walker (debut)

Zane Julien-Roberts (debut)

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets (debut)

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon (debut)

Finn Mertens

Jake Whiteson

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon (debut)

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon (debut)

Lauren Julien (debut)

Demonic henchman

Dan minion (debut)

Dan Brickowski (debut)

Emmet Brickowski (debut)

lucy Brickowski (debut)

Sumatran Rat Monkey (debut)

Other skeleton army (debut)

Ninjago citizen people (debut)

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