Lego Ninjago The Next Gen Saga Is a continuation to Ninjago The Masters Of Spinjitzu,the first season It takes 1 month after after the hands of time.The Original Ninja are still young but they are now masters after sensei wu`s sacrifice in the ending of hands of time,The Ninja have gotten new students.Sakke the master of psychokinesis.Jermy The other Master Of Ice,Jack the Master Of Zen,Jake the Other Master Of Fire and Alf master of wood,Joe master of Stone and Sarinie The Master Of Stars

Season 1-Return Of The feared DarknessEdit

Episode 1 A New Beginning: Edit

The episode begins with Lloyd and Kai telling a story on how Ninjago was created and the Overlord and all the other stuff and the story ends with the ending of Hands Of Time.Lloyd and his friends has taken Garmadon`s old monestary as a new dojo but have expanded a lot on it.And Pixal has gotten her body back and work with the Ninja as an veichle inventor.Lloyd Plans together with Zane to search for new elemental masters,However the other Ninja like Jay,Cole and Kai are too busy with other things.However Nya decides to find an elemental student that she claims to know about so she decides to find that student on her own.Lloyd and Zane stumbles on Sakke,a young guy who likes technology and video games,They find him in Ninjago city being dissapointed that the game shop was closed since he did not hurry enough and asks him to join.After finding all the students they need,they train.

Episode 2 When A New Danger Strikes Edit


Season 2 first wave-Necromancy and deitiesEdit

Season 2 Second Wave-Skull Eclipse and Gold returnEdit

Season 3-Anacondrai And VermillionEdit

Season 4-The older world Of titans Edit

Season 5-Djinns Deja Vu Edit

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