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LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Airjitzu is an action-adventure, comedy TV series created by SkylordBlazer. The series takes place 18 years after the events of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

Plot Edit

Pre-Season 1: 18 Years Ago Edit

After the nine Ninja; Kai (Master of Fire), Cole (Master of Earth), Jay (Master of Lightning), Zane (Master of Ice), Nya (Master of Water), Lloyd (Master of Energy, Morro (Master of Wind) and Skylor (Master of Amber), defeated all of the villains that escaped from the Realm of Punishment, Ninjago returned back to normal. The Ninja went to live ordinary lives in New Ninjago City during this time of great peace and happiness. Kai takes on his father's legacy as a blacksmith and still has his hot-tempered ego; Cole works as a miner to unearth different types of crystals in hopes of finding the rare Green Gem, which could power New Ninjago City for over 100 years; Jay still has his eyepatch and works as an engineer, while his wife Nya works as a fashion-designer; Zane works at Borg Industries alongside P.I.X.A.L. to further expand Ninjago's technological advancements; Lloyd has grown up even more to the point where he is now a Sensei who trains young students the art of Airjitzu; Morro has remained a Ninja after being revived on the Day of the Departed and now uses his control over the Wind to soar through the skies to discover new regions throughout Ninjago; Skylor owns Mister Chen's Noodle Factory by day, but by night she sneaks around New Ninjago City as a guardian ninja, she even is married to Kai.

Season 1 Edit

TO BE ADDED. . . .

Characters Edit

Main Protagonists Edit

  • Master Lloyd (Master of Energy; Sensei)
  • Rey (Master of Fire; Daughter of Kai and Skylor)
  • Devyn (Master of Earth; Son of Cole)
  • Luke (Master of Water; Son of Jay and Nya)
  • Maia (Master of Lightning; Daughter of Jay and Nya)
  • H.A.L. (Master of Ice; "Son" of Zane and P.I.X.A.L.)
  • Aya (Master of Wind; Daughter of Morro)

Allies Edit

  • Serpentine (All except for Pythor)
  • Nindroids (All reprogrammed except for Cryptor)
  • Cyrus Borg (Creator of the Nindroids)
  • Stone Army (All under the control of Dareth except for Kozu)
  • Sky Pirates (All reformed except for Nadakhan)

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