Chapter 1Edit

Kai was walking in the remains of the monostary he looked up into the dark grey sky wondering when the sun will come out. When he heard a twig snap. Thinking it was a snake he pulled out his golden weapon and yelled "Come into the light." He heard a giggle and the owner of the giggle said you wouldn't hurt a friend would you." Kai heard a whoosh and the roar of an engine then it was quiet. He went back to Destiny's Bounty and the other ninjas told him a story similar to his."I was walking in the birchwood forest and the same thing happened"said Zane. Nya came in "Zane's falcon spotted something odd." On the screen there was a mysterious purple ninja spying on some serpentine she turned around and told the falcon to hush. The falcon landed on a rock.The purple ninja then pulled out silver nunchucks the nunchucks then transformed into a sword the ninja ambushed the snakes they then overwhelmed her but she did spinjitzu and the snakes retreated. The purple ninja turned to the falcon and said "Guys you should know who i am i was your best friend when we were little, Nya meet me at the "Spot." The ninja dissapeared into the darkness. "Who is she?" said Cole. "Should we trust her?" said Kai.

Chapter 2Edit

Jay was following Nya to the "Spot", he was wondering why this place looked familiar there was a forest to his left and a river to his right. The other ninja were hiding in case Jay needed backup."Who is the purple ninja" said Cole. All of a sudden she appeared,Jay took out his weapon and the other ninja jumped out of hiding."You wouldn't hurt a friend would you" said the mysterious ninja."You keep saying you are our friend but who are you"said Zane. The purple ninja pulled her back her hood she had long brown hair and a scar on her right eyebrow. She seemed to have a purple glow around her, the ninja reconised her immedietly.'"Kira!?!?" everyone yelled."How is this possible?" said Kai."You finally remember" said Kira with a worried look on her face. "How did you become a ninja" said a confused Cole. Jay walked up to Kira and huged her,"It's been forever"he said. "Wait, don't you think it's weird we all know Kira"said Zane. The ninja looked at Kira "Why so worried" said Nya. They all wanted to know so many things but then Kira pulled out a pair of silver shurikens then they transformed into a scythe. All of the ninja were surprised "Shhh, it's not safe here" said Kira. There was a twig snap in the forest behind them. "What is that" said Zane. "I want every one to follow me form a circle, if you feel something watching you move inside the circle and tell me"said Kira she then put her weapon away. The ninja did as they were told and started to follow Kira, Kai felt someone or thing looking at him, he was searching in the forest then he felt a shiver go up his spine he looked foward and saw a giant animal running past them.He moved into the circle and told Kira, she then stoped every one. " Do not look into their eyes they put you in a trance and then thet lead you into a trap" They continued and then Jay felt some one watching him, he moved into the circle. Kira pulled out her weapon and whispered something to it, it turned into a small disk then it started floating.The disk flew off into the forest then it returned made five beeping noises then it turned into a sword she kept it in her hand at a ready position as if some thing was going to jump out at any second. Cole stopped walking he stood perfectly still with big round eyes staring at a tree."Weapons out now!" yelled Kira "Protect Cole do not let him leave the path" There was a loud roar the ninja turned towards Cole in the shadows of the trees a huge animal was staring at Cole it had razor sharp claws that could turn anything into shreads and huge amber eyes that looked into your soul. It was all brown with four legs and tiny ears, in it's mouth were the remains of it's last meal. Kira yelled "Hey Noosa you lost or something these are my friends get your own!" She then threw her weapon at the Monster and it let out a screech that could be heard for miles. Kira dived for her weapon then spoke to the monster in a weird language that sounded similar to the screech the it made. The monster ran away and Cole returned to normal."What happened?" said cole.The other ninja looked at Kira for an expanation. She said "Let me expain when we get to saftey but we need to move before another monster attacks."

Chapter 3Edit

The ninjas were following Kira when she stoped,walked over to a tree and pushed a hidden button,all of a sudden a fence appeared in front of them. Kira opened a gate and inside was a house it was white and had a small garden in the backyard there were birds chirping and squirles running around the trees. "I remember this place" said Nya."You should get inside before it gets dark I don't want any Noosa attaking anyone" said Kira. She then walked over to a control pannel inside the house and the fence dissapeared."Whoa did the fence just dissapear" said Kai."No silly why would the fence just dissapear the house turned invisible to how else do you think this is a safe place to hide from the Noosa" said Kira. Kai sat on a couch thinking how could an entire house become invisible."How did you make a house like this" said Cole."Fine,let me tell you the story" Kira started to say "There are many dimensions i was born in another dimension my parents moved to this dimension after ninjago made a new law about traveling to diffrent dimensions. Jay your parents helped my mom and dad settle in and eventualy I became best friends with Jay after several years we moved next to Cole then Zane and Kai. We moved back to our dimension and I started my ninja training at a very young age. After I completed my training my brother was born, Chancler, he is the yellow ninja of light as soon as he finished his training our dimension was breaking apart. Our parents gave us the only travlers tea in ninjago so we could escape something went wrong and we teleported to diffrent dimensions.A couple of months ago I found my brother and teleported to his dimension he was training a pink ninja her name was Nora she is the ninja of candy.She accidentally let loose the Noosa(the monsters),when i teleported back here a couple of hundred followed me. When i was building this house i found the silver weapons of spinjitzu and with enough pressure they combined to form Chrome"she took out her weapon and showed it to the ninja "It can turn into any weapon according to the situation it can also tell me how many Noosa are following me"She finished, the ninja heard loud screeching outside. They saw several Noosa trying to get in,Kira walked to a control pannel next to the door and flipped a switch the fence crackled with electricity and the Noosa left."We should all get some sleep we have a big day tomorrow" said Kira. The ninja went to their rooms and went to sleep.

Chapter 4Edit

Kira was the first one up, she looked out the window, it was dark and gloomy. She entered the kitchen and started to make breakfast, as soon as she finished she went outside. The ninja soon awoke to the delicious smell of pancakes,waffles, eggs, bacon, and french toast. They ran into the kitchen still in their pjs and ate. As soon as they finished they were wondering were Kira was. They went outside and found her training with Chrome. All of a sudden Chrome started to glow red and Kira was forced to drop it. " Are you ok?" said Nya. "Why was it glowing red?" said Zane. Chrome suddenly turned in to a small disk and started to shake violently. It started to beep and after several minutes it stopped and an alarm inside the house went off. They went inside and Kira started to look for something. She pulled out a small key and and ran to a tv. She inserted it into a key hole next to the tv and turned it. The tv turned on and the alarm stopped then a face started to appear on the tv screen. Kira started pushing buttons on the tv and soon enough the face was clearly visible. "Chancler" said Kira. He replied to her "Kira i need your help a couple of Noosa escaped, i need help catching them before the new moon." "Fine but i only have enough tea to make it a one way trip" said Kira. On the tv there was a loud screech and a Noosa was next to Chancler. He pulled out two razor sharp katanas and started fighting the Noosa. The conection was lost, "So he is your brother" said Cole. "Yea, but we need to help him because a couple for him is a hundred for me." "I need to tell Sensei Wu,he must be wondering where we are" said Nya. "You can't go out there alone" said Kira. She whistled, a dog came out from under a chair. "Oh, what a cute dog" said Jay. As Jay was reaching down to pet him Kira said "No, he is strictly work only, he keeps guard around the house while I'm gone." Jay sadly said "Ok, but how will he protect Nya?" Kira said, "He knows the Noosa's language if you say the right words the Noosa will leave you alone." As Nya left kira went down into the basement and came back up with a jar of travelers tea. As she made a fire outside the ninja were waiting inside wondering why it's been so dark and gloomy, "I hate rain" said Kai. "Don't you find it weird that all of a sudden it's been so dark, I mean the clouds should have moved on by now" said Zane. "And it's pretty dim in here too" said Cole "She needs some more light." As they were talking Kira came in and told the ninja the portal was ready, they jumped through the portal and for a couple of seconds it was pitch black. They soon saw light up ahead.When the blackness compleatly dissapeared they found themselves in Ninjago, but in a different forest.

Chapter 5Edit

It was bright and cheery, the trees were yellow and red as if it were fall but it was to warm to be fall. The ninja saw Kira run to the shadow of a tree her eyes seemed a diffrent shade of gray, nothing like when they first met they were brighter. There was a person walking towards them. He had short brown hair, his eyes were as bright as the sun. He was wearing a yellow ninja outfit and it seemed as if he were glowing, the complete opposite of Kira."Dial down the sun" said Kira from the shadow of the tree. The sun became dimmer and gray clouds covered the sky. The man's eyes semmed to dim and Kira's eyes became darker. "Thanks" said Kira "Guys, this is Chancler my brother." Chanclor said, "Hi guys, I have heard so much about you." "Wait" said Cole, "How did the clouds get here when just a moment ago it was nice and sunny?" "You see I am the ninja of darkness and too much sun will hurt me so I form the dark clouds," said Kira. As soon as she finished her sentence a pink ninja came running up to them. She had short black hair and whenever you saw her your mind was filled with happy thoughts about candy. She was trying to fend off a Noosa. Kira took out Chrome and it turned into a sword. She ran up to the pink ninja and in one swift move struck the monster. The monster dissapeared turning into ash. Kira walked up to the ninja and introduced her "This is Nora guys, she hasn't finished her ninja training yet so I need your help in training her while I help Chancler catch the Noosa." So while Kira and Chancler were catching the Noosa the ninja began training Nora.

Chapter 6Edit

"How many Noosa have you caught?" said Chancler. "About five" said Kira. She left into the forest to reset a trap of the Noosa. All of a sudden a gang of evil ninjas appeared.The leader was dressed in red he had brown eyes and orange hair, the rest of the group looked pretty much the same but were dressed in diffrent colors. "Well what do we have here?" said the leader. "Go away" said Chancler. Nora walked up to the leader and said "Go away or." "Or what" the leader cut in. The ninja walked up to Chancler " Your going to want to back up" Chancler whisperd. "Why" said Cole. "You will see" said Chancler. "Where's your sister, is she gona come and protect you. I bet you don't even have a sister" the leader teased. "Nora create a ring, this is about to get ugly" said Chancler. Out of no where Kira appeared. "Hey i reset the" She stopped short on her sentence. "Is this her" said the leader "I bet she has some lame power." Kira's eyes flashed with hatred the clouds above her started to rumble, lightning flashed. Nora was next to the ninja outside of the ring"Uh oh, he got her mad" she said. "What happenes if she gets mad" said Jay. "Just watch" said Nora. "I'm giving you five seconds to back down, five four three" Kira started counting "two one, you asked for it " Kira looked at Chancler, he nodded and it got darker. Kira's eyes were the darkest shade of grey, that it was almost black. The leader of the evil ninjas charged. Kira blocked his first move and landed a punch near his shoulder. The leader yelled "Charge." She yelled something to her brother that sounded like now. Chanclers eyes turned yellow there was a flash of bright light that almost blinded everyone. When every one could see again Chancler transformed into a griffon he was all yellow and had marks of silver around his eyes,his wings were long and perfect his beak looked razor sharp.His talons were an inch thick and silver. Chancler flew to a nearby tree. There was another falsh of light and when the light subsided where Kira was standing was a wolf. She had black markings around her eyes, she was compleatly gray with silver paws. Her claws could cut through anything. The evil ninja unfazed of what just happened began to charge. "We have to help her" said Kai. He started running towards her when suddenly his feet left the ground. "What the" he yelled. when he looked up he saw Chancler flying him back. A voice in his head that sounded exactly like Chancler's said " Let her fight they insulted her powers and now they are going to face the consequences." "Whoa how are you talking" said Kai. "I better let Kira explain that " said Chancler. Kira charged at the evil ninja in one swift leap she brought three down to the ground. Chancler got one at a time and flew them far away. The ninjas took out their weapons and attacked Kira, with one swipe of her paw their weapons were torn to shreads. The leader being the coward he is ran away before Kira got to him. When she was shure he was gone she transformed back to her normal self, but her eyes became brighter like when she first teleported to this world. Chancler transformed back to his old self again too but his eyes were darker and almost golden. "What just happened" said Zane. "Alright let me explain again." said Kira.

Chapter 7Edit

Chancler and i are first borns wich means we get our powers directly from the elements" said Kira. "The evil ninjas are jealous of us because they are second born wich means they get they don't really have any powers they can make the water splash around,but nothing really serious.The animals we turned into are our elemental animals, only fully realized ninjas can summon their animals. First borns also have the ability to learn any language in a matter of days, thats why i can talk to the Noosa, but being first born means you have alot of enemys." said Kira. "What about our elemental dragons" said Kai. "Your dragons are part of your element but are not your elemental animals" said Kira. "Then what are our elemental animals" said Jay. "Make a connection" said Kira. The ninja thought for a few moments. "I have no idea" said Kai."My mother was a fire elemental and her animal was a pheonix so Kai you must be a one but i have no idea about the others elemental animal" said Kira. "How did you unlock your animal?" said Zane. I kinda figured it out my self. The key is to concentrate on your element, since mine is darkness I think of dark storm clouds, and since darkness is everywhere I think of an all terrain animal" said Kira. Nora came " Kira I just got a message from my parents they need help around the house so I have to leave." "It's perfectly fine" said Kira. "It's getting dark" said Chancler. "How do you know that?" said Jay. " Really Jay really, my element is light and I can feel if the sun is going down" said Chancler. Jay was speechless. "We'll start helping you guys find your elemental animal in the morning" said Kira.

Griffon concept

Chancler's elemental animal

Anime wolf fullbody

Kira's elemental animal

Chapter 8 Edit

In the morning the ninja were geting ready to find their elemental animal. "Let's start with Zane first" said Kira. Zane walked up to her and said "I'm ready, what do I do first." "Allright since your element is ice you would want to be in water" said Kira. They walked up to a nearby lake Zane stood on a rock in the middle of the lake. "Ok, Zane imagine a huge snowstorm,imagine you are underwater and your drowning, imagine you suddenly have gills and fins" said Kira. Zane was concentrating. He was on the rock for hours."Ok, Zane we'll try again tomorrow" said Kira. Zane got off the rock dissapointed. "Ok, Jay let's try you" said Kira "Since your element is lightning, it's best for you to stand on a ledge." They walked to a nearby ledge. "Ok, Jay imagine yourself takeing flight, imagine yourself sourrounded by clouds gliding peacefully" said Kira. After an hour or so they moved on to Kai. "Kai yours should be very easy, imagine yourself sourrounded by fire, close your eyes and pretend you are takeing flight" said Kira. A couple of minutes went by when suddenly Kai opened his eyes they were deep shade of red.There was a flash and where Kai stood was a pheonix he was all red and it seemed as if he was covered with fire. Kai took flight he gracefully glided across the sky and landed on the ground."Whoa" said Cole. "How do i turn back to normal?" said Kai. "Imagine yourself back to normal standing next to your friends or your sister. Seconds later Kai turned back to normal his eyes stoped glowing red and turned back to normal. "Can I try?" said Cole. "OK, Cole most elemental animals are bears but there are exceptions imagine your self walking around a huge forest you have massive strength, imagine Kai and Chancler above you and i am next to you. All of a sudden Cole's eyes glowed green, where he was standing was a a dragon. He was all black with horns on his head and he had huge wings.Cole streched out his wings and took flight. The force of the lift off knocked every one down to the ground.Cole circled them a couple of times and eventually landed. "Cole turn back to normal!" shouted Kai. In an instant Cole turned back to his normal self. "Cole your a dragon!" said Kira "I have never seen any one turn into a dragon before." Every one was to tired to talk so they went to sleep.

The next day Kira was the first one up she was checking the traps for any Noosa but they were empty. She went to check the Noosa cages but they were empty to.She could of sworn there were at least five hundred Noosa in the cages,Kira transformed into her wolf form to check for any thing she missed. Zane came out of his tent and greeted Kira. They had breakfast and were waiting for the others to awake with a morning stroll. When Kira felt some thing was wrong she stopped walking and stood perfectly still. "Kira are you ok?" asked Zane. Kira started growling at Zane showing her sharp teeth. "Chancler!" Zane started yelling. Chancler came out of his tent and looked at the sky and at Kira. His faced showed it all, something was very wrong. "Kira don't do any thing you would regret" Chancler said camly "Zane I need you to back up slowly." "Kira you wouldn't hurt a friend would you?" said Chancler. The other ninja came out of their tents. They imedietly knew something was wrong. "Kira" Kai started to say. Kira took a step foward. "Kira!" Chancler yelled. She looked at him and her eyes were yellow.The other ninja were surprised her eyes were usaly gray. She looked away and leaped at Zane in mid leap Kai turned into a pheonix and tackled her, they both tumbled into the forest. The ninja ran to them. Kai came out with a few scratches but was ok. "Why did she attack Zane?" said Jay. "Speaking of Zane where is he?" said Cole. They went back to the campsite but Zane wasn't there. Chancler was putting two to two together.Then ran over to the Noosa cages and they were empty. "That wasn't Zane" said Chancler "If the Noosa got out then that means they learned the power of transforming into people, and I think Kira is the only one who can tell the diffrence." "We have to track her down and find Zane" said Kai. "We just have to find her and we"ll find Zane, you see her elemental animal is sensitive to light and when she realized the Noosa were gone her wolf instincts kicked in and she is not concious of what she is doing" said Chancler "You guys have to master your elemental animals to track her down."


Cole's elemental animal


Kai's elemental animal

Chapter 9Edit

Three days after Kira left Cole and Kai have nearly mastered their elemental animals but Jay still needs to find his. "Ok Jay, um focus on flying?" Chancler said. "You know I would feel better if you knew what you were doing" said Jay. Jay was on the edge of a ledge he looked down and concentrated on not falling. "Ok Jay i think it's time we took a break" said Chancler. Jay walked away from the ledge he felt strange seeing the sun he had gotten used to the dark clouds always above his head. On the way down he asked Chancler how he found his elemental animal. "I kinda fell down a cliff" said Chancler. "What" said Jay. "Yea I was small and Kira had all ready unlocked her animal and I wanted mine really badly, so i jumped off a cliff but half way down my mind just blanked out and I had no idea what to do. I heard a voice in my head saying to open my eyes when I did I was no longer falling but gliding downwards" said Chancler. "I need to jump off a cliff then" said Jay. "Jay are you crazy! The only reason why i'm still alive is because something told me to open my eyes!" said Chancler. Then mabey it'll work for me to" said Jay. "Fine,we'll do it first thing tomorrow morning" said Chancler. The next day Jay was on the cliff Cole and Kai were on emergency care incase Jay was didn't transform on time. "Ok Jay when you jump and I reach the number five Kai is going to grab you before you hit the ground" said Chancler. Jay gave him a thumbs up. he jumped and Chancler started to count. "Five, four, three, two." At the number one Jay's eyes were glowing blue his arms turned into feathers he became a Blue Jay. He swooped up at the last moment and dissapeared into the sky. He came back a few minutes later saying "I found it, I found it." "Jay stop!" yelled Chancler, but it was to late. Jay let out a screech that leved the entire forest. "What the?" said Jay. "You have sonic scream" said Chancler, "Don't get to excited or you'll level the lake to."

Articuno by Shivita

Jay's elemental animal

Chapter 10Edit

Cole was flying over a forest. It was huge with an ocean next to it. The trees were tall and shadowy he kept thinking he was seeing Kira but whenever he looked closer it was a Noosa trying to impersonate a tree. "Cole you find anything?" said Chancler "Nope" said Cole. He was flying next to Cole, ocasinaly he would fly up into the sky and dart down with his wings next to his head. At the the last second he would extend his wings and return next to Cole. "Why do you do that" said Cole. "I get tired of flying at the exact same altitude so I spice things up a bit" said Chancler "Watch this." Chancler flew high above the clouds so when Cole was staring up all he saw were ocasional flashes of light bouncing of Chancler's feathers. Chancler came down spinning his head between his wings he kept going down and dived deep into the ocean. He came back up with a fish in his mouth. His feathers were all wet but with the blink of an eye the air around Chancler became warmer and Chancler's feather were dry. "Whoa" said Cole. "Hey Cole are you useing your dragon eye?" said Chancler. "No, what's that?" said Cole. "Well with your dragon eyes you can see a tiny ant crawling from any altitude" explained Chancler "I have it to, but Kira's camouflage skills make her the perfect hide and seek player." Jay came flying over to them. "Did you find anything?" "No" replied Cole. Kai came flying over to him as fast as he could. "Guys I found something." They followed Kai to a cave on the ground were Zane's shurikens. Chancler flew into the cave staring at the floor looking for a sign that Kira came to rescue Zane but found nothing. He got an idea he transformed into his human self and created a small ball of light on his palm, it lighted the entire cave. He threw the ball of light on the floor and dust cleared away. "Can I do that?" said Kai. "Not exactly but you can create fire balls" said Chancler , he cleared away some more dirt and dust and found the footprints of a battle. He made out what happened and told the others. "There was a fight, Zane was captured by the Noosa around midnight. The Noosa were about to have him for breakfast when he awoke. He fought twenty Noosa or so but he was injured, thats when Kira found him and lead him to saftey." "So Kira has him, thats a relief" said Jay. "Now we need to find her and help Zane" said Chancler. "The problem is how do we find her" said Kai,

Chapter 11Edit

The ninja were sleeping at their camp when Cole had a strange dream. Kira and Chancler were in a strange camp,there were all type of ninjas in the camp,from white to red and even an orange one.He also saw Nora there but instead of the usual pink she was grey. There was a huge explosion and Kira ran over to Nora "How many times have I told you, you are a second born you only have one power and your element is candy not exposives" scolded Kira. Chancler was busy training two red ninjas but he ran over as soon as he heard the explosion. "Nora have you been in the weapon room" "Noo" said Nora "Last chance" said Kira "If you mess with the explosions again I will have no option but to send you back with your mother." The dream shifted, Kira and Zane were next to an ocean with a small forest next to them. The forest was to small to be one of the forests Cole flew over. "Zane remember what I told you, your leg can only get better if you rest it" said Kira. Zane had bandages on his left leg. "Zane you need to get more fish the ones you caught yesterday are almost gone and I dont want the poision to spread" said Kira. Poision, thought Cole. The Noosa's bite has poison? Zane limped into the water, it frose instantly leaving a small circle of water around Zane. He closed his eyes and dived into the water. A couple of minutes later a huge sea dragon burst through the ice. "Stop showing off" said Kira 'And get the blue kind." Zane dissapeared into the sea. Kira frose instantly, she turned around and saw two dragons come out of the forest. One of the dragons was all silver the other was all purple with red tips on it's tail and spikes. It had a muzzle that looked like a fox's and grey eyes. Behind it were several wolves, two phenoix, a couple of Blue Jays and a rabbit. Zane's head popped out of the surface of the water looking confuzed. The purple dragon surveyed the area as soon as it's eyes saw Kira they turned brown and Kira smiled.


The silver dragon


Zane's elemental animal

Chapter 12Edit

Cole woke up as soon as he opened the tent flap Kai and Jay opened theirs. They had breakfast and started training. When Kai and Jay were sparring Cole went to inform Chancler of what happened. "Hmm" said Chancler "You have dragon eye,and your element is earth." Chancler stopped he looked at Cole in disbelief "How did I not see this earlier, Your element is earth." "What does my element have to do with a dream?" asked Cole. "Origanaly there where five dragons living, they were the gardians of earth. But as the people who lived here started to expand their hatred of the dragons because there were earthquakes and floods. They went out to kill the gardians. Years ago when I moved here I learned that the last earth gardian had been killed but it lookes like I was wrong" explained Chancler. "What do you mean you were wrong?" asked Cole "Cole you are the last earth gardian" said Chancler. "Wait what?" said Cole. "Kira knew you were the last gardian thats why she pushed you harder than anyone when your mother died. When earth dragons get extremly sad they tend to cause natural disasters" said Chancler. Kai and Jay came up behind Cole and surprised him. The earth started moving violently. "Down on the floor now!" yelled Chancler. The ninja hit the deck and Chancler created a forcefeild around them. The earth stoped shaking and Chancler opened the forcefeild around them trees were knocked down. Their camp site was destroyed. "What just happened?" asked Jay. "Cole just created a massive earthquake" said Chancler. "Cole how did you make it?" asked Kai. "I don't know" said Cole. "Cole is a gardian of the earth he was trying to protect himself" said Chancler. "A what?" asked Kai. "Cole will explaine it to you, I need to see what Cole destroyed" said Chancler.

Chapter 13Edit

Cole was flying next to Kai when Cole got another vision. Kira and Zane were in the same camp as last time as they were walking in a girl came up behind them she was wearing purple and white with a bit of red she had long brown hair and green eyes. "Just wait untill you see the camp" she said. She looked up and clapped. The other ninjas looked up from whatever they were doing and stood in a line from the smallest to the front to the oldest in the back. The last row looked up and ran up to Kira saying stuff like"Is it really you" "Did you find them." "Whoa one a a time" said Kira. She walked over tho the others still in a line. One dressed in blue looked at a nearby statue. The statue had Kira and Chancler side by side Kira was holding Chrome and Chancler had his katanas one in each hand. On the base was a picture in color of them next to it were some words engraved they said "There are friends, teams, but we are family." The blue ninja looked at Kira making the connection. His eyes got wide and stood staring at her. Kira looked at the white and purple ninja and said "Hey Arice how many new ninjas do we have?" Arice said "Around five hundred but we have several hundred looking for new recruts." Zane was reading the statue and said "Kira is this you?" "Yea i'm the founder of this camp" said Kira. Cole snapped out of his vision just in time he was about to hit a tree."You ok?" asked Kai. "I just had another vision" said Cole. "We should tell Chancler" said Kai. When they landed they told Chancler. "So there at the camp" said Chancler relived. "Guys, I found something" said Jay. He was looking at a pawprint tha looked like a dragon's. "Guys follow me I know where the camp is" said Chancler "But it will take several days to get there." The ninja gathered their stuff and flew away following Chancler.

Chapter 14Edit

As the ninja were flying they saw a village. "Hey let's rest there" said Kai. They landed a mile outside of town and started walking. When they entered the village there were gaurds at every corner and signs that said"New to town? Get out no outsiders welcome and No USE OF ELEMENTAL ANIMALS" "Why are elemental animals not allowed?" asked Jay. "We have a queen and she's a second born and you know the rest" said Chancler. "Let's go" said Cole. "Hold on I need to find someone" said Chancler. He approached a girl trying to sell bread she had green eyes and was dressed as a merchant. As soon as he walked up the girl bowed down and said "Lord Chancler, Kira awaits you at the camp." The girl led them inside her shop and put a closed sign up. The girl walked up to a wall and said "Lord Chancler is here." The wall opened revealing a room. There was another girl inside it she had blue eyes,was wearing a white ninja outfit, and she had a badge on as if she were from high class. She said "Lord Chancler" and bowed "We have been waiting for you." It's been a while Kelly" said Chancler "Guys this is Kelly she is the general of all things flying in the air, you will all train with her." "Hi guys, if you follow me -" Kelly's sentence was cut short by pounding on a door. "We need to leave now go down that tunnle and as soon as you reach the end wait for me there" said Kelly. The ninja were walking down a strangly relaxing tunnle with seperate roomes leading to a spa,movie theater, underground houses, and many more things but they were empty. They reached the end of the tunnle and waited for Kelly, five minutes later she came out "Ok if you will all please turn into your elemental animals" Jay turned into his animal and Kelly started to study him. Finaly she said "First rank." "What?" said Jay. "You have been promoted to First rank" said Chancler. Kai was the next one to turn into his animal,Kelly also studied him "First rank, five down." "And that means?" said Kai. "Your First rank five people to the left" said Chancler. Cole was the next to transform. Kelly said to Chancler"You found an earth gardian, First rank definetly." "We should leave to camp said Kelly. Her eyes turned white and she transformed into an Ice dragon. They flew off to camp and when they got there they saw Kira there she was training with one of the oldest ninjas there. She easily knocked him to the ground and said "First rule of combat never leave your chest unprotected."

The Ice Dragon by phantomphanatic2910

Kelly's elemental animal

Chapter 15Edit

Kira looked different. Instead of her long brown hair, her hair was short and layered. Her eyes were back to their usual grey but there were no dark clouds in the sky. Kira was to distracted to notice the ninja landing.She was fighting with another ninja but she knocked him down easily. She said "Good you kept your chest protected but your footwork needs alot of improvement." She turned and saw the ninja she walked up to them and huged Chancler. Chancler huged her back and she led him to the campers. "This is Chancler the other founder of this camp" said Kira. Kai walked up to her and said "What about Zane." "Zane he's perfectly fine he should be training with Nexia our water general." She left Chancler with the campers and led The ninja to an ocean. The ocean was sparkling blue and huge. Zane was on an island with a girl wearing a green ninja outfit. The girl was talking to Zane and a couple of other Ninjas. Kira waved to the girl and a path appeared to the island apperently the girl was Nexia. "Zane!!" Jay said. "We were looking for you everywhere!!" said Cole."I'm so glad you're ok!!" said Kai. "I'm here in one piece" said Zane. A huge sea monster came out of the ocean for air and went back under. "What the?" said Jay. "Oh thats Ness he gaurds the ocean around the camp for any intruders" said Zane. As Kira and the girl were talking Chancler came flying up to them saying "your going to want to see this." They ran off the island and as they were coming to the entrance of the camp there was an injured ninja being supported by another ninja behind them was a gaurd like the one at the village in handcuffs. "What happened?" asked Kira. The uninjured ninja said "The village was raided by the queen, all of the First borns are in the underground safehouse." "Take him to the infirmary and take him to the prison" said Kira. Kira signalled to everyone to go back to training. "Kira what are we going to do?" asked Chancler. "Call a meeting" said Kira.

The next morning Kira woke the ninja up and organised them into a line. A dragon came and landed next to Kira. The dragon was the purple one Cole saw in his vision. It transformed into a girl from his other vision; Brown hair grey eyes. "This is Arice the leader of the Flying Rank" said Kira. "Wait I thought Kelly was the leader" said Cole "There are two ranks of leadership: general, trains with the ninjas and leader,the one who consults me of any problems in their rank and is incharge of their rank." Kelly came out of a cabin "So who am I taking." Kira signaled to Kai,Jay, and Cole. A man dressed in a blue ninja outfit came he had short blond hair and blue eyes. "This is Ross the leader of the Water Rank" said Kira. Nexia came and waved at Zane, he waved back. A black ninja with purple highligts came. "This is Andrea she is the head of security for the camp" said Kira. Kira signaled the ninja to go follow their trainers. Everyone else went inside a big building for the meeting.

Chapter 16Edit

Kai fell down as he was tackeled by Jay. "Hey" said Kai "I wasn't ready." "The enemy dosen't wait for you to be ready" said Kelly "You have to give it all you got the first twenty minutes then when the enemy thinks your defeated go in for the final rush and get them." "Wouldn't it be better to give it all you got all the time?" said Cole still in his dragon form. "Rookie mistake you just don't go in fighting like crazy, you need a stradegy" said Kelly. "I chalenge you to a fight" said Cole. "Fine but i'll try not to break anything" said Kelly. She transformed into her dragon form and charged at Cole. Cole sidestepped leaving Kelly still charging, she opened her wings at the last moment going up in the air. She closed her wings and dived down to Cole. He didn't notice her and SMACK Cole fell on the floor dizzy while Kelly transformed back into her human form. The other ninja laughed. Zane was having the same problem, sort of. He was trying to swin through hoops underwater but kept getting stuck through them. "Zane you fit through here even Ness can you need to concentrate and put your fins on the side of your body so they won't get stuck on the hoop" said Nexia. Nexia was a blue water dragon with underwater wings, her feet were like a ducks but they had claws on it. Zane finaly got through the hoop

Nexia's elemental animal

but then the hoop got smaller. "The hoop gets smaller every time you go through it the smallest setting would be about the size of a candle but I don't expect you to get past this stage" said Nexia.

When the meeting was over Kira went to see how the ninja were doing. She was standing next to Arice observing their fighting meathods. Kelly knocked down Kai to the floor. "Session over" said Kelly. "How did they do?" asked Arice. "In my opinion they could fight Kira and survive mabey"said Kelly. The ninja were sitting on benches drinking water. Kira walked in, "I bet I could knock Kira down in a single blow" said Kai. "Why do you think that" said Kira. "I'm in the air I could easily do what Kelly did to Cole" said Kai. "Fine prove it" said Kira. Kai and Kira transformed into their animals. Kai tried to do what Kelly did but all that Kira had to do was move to the side and Kai landed on his face. "Oww" said Kai. "So what were you saying that air is better than land" said Kira. She walked out of the training center and highfived Arice. Zane joined the ninja on the benches while Ross and Nexia were talking about Zane. "He made it past the third stage" said Nexia. "So what was the meeting about?" asked Kelly. "We decided we are in war with the queen" said Kira.

Chapter 17Edit

The next morning Kira called a meeting in the camp square. There was a stage and Kira was on it with Chancler,the leaders and the generals. Everyone else was standing in order acording to rank. "We have decided to go to war with the queen and we need to rescue the ninjas trapped at the village, we need volunteers" said Kira. Every one was quiet. Zane walked up to the stage and said "Count me in." "If your going then count me in" said Kai. "Don't forget me" said Jay. "And me" said Cole. "We leave in an hour" said Kira.

When Kira,Chancler,Andrea,Arice, and the ninja left they came across another village. They decided to evacuate the ninjas in there to. They landed and started to walk. There was a boy trying to sell fruits. They walked up to him and Kira said "We are evacuating all ninja to the camp spread the word as soon as all the ninjas are in the tunnle send one to go to another village to spread the word there." The boy nodded and walked to a gaurd,pointed at Kira and said something. The gaurd walked away and the boy ran off to another gaurd. Kira and the ninjas went off to the village that was attacked. They dressed as merchants and went into the bread shop. It was closed and all of the lights were turned off. They walked up to the wall and Arice said "Arice, Air leader." The door opened and when they wentinside there were about five hundred ninja in a huge room. "Ninja it's time to go" said Kira. Everyone followed her through the tunnle. When they got to the next check point there were about three hundred ninja waiting for them. The same boy they talked to earlier told them everyone in the village was here. They continued walking and met hundreds of other ninjas. When they exited the tunnle they had around three thousand ninja. "Is this all of them?" asked Kai. "Not including Air and Sea, then yes" said Kira. "Wait so all of their elemental animals are land?" said Jay. "Yup" said Chancler. "Then who is their leader" said Cole. "Me" said Kira. "So who's the general" said Zane. "Chancler helps train them but most of them are old recruits and don't need much more training" said Kira. When everyone was out of the tunnle they changed into their elemental animals. Kir was right all of the ninjas were ether wolfs,cheetas,dingos,montain lions, and all sort of animals. As they went off to camp they were joined by three hundred air elementals and three thousand water elemantals. All together they were nine thousand ninjas. When they got to camp they gathered at the camp square for roll call. Every ninja was there and they started to seperate acording to their elements.

The next day they let the prisioner go to the queen with a message"We declare war on you and your kingdom. We will get respect or we will have to fight for it." Hours later a messenger came with a note saying "At dawn we ride." "Kira held an assembly at camp square. "WE WILL RISE,TRAIN,AND FIGHT EACH DAY WE WILL DO WHAT'S RIGHT !!!" yelled Kira "ARE YOU WITH ME!!!!" she instantly recived a soldier salute from everyone. She pulled out Chrome and stuck it in the air. Everyone did the same there were rows of sowrds,Daggers, scythes,nunchucks, staffs, shurikens, and almost every type of weapon imaginable. "At dawn we attack" said Kira.

Everyone woke up at around the same time. They put on armour and helmets. Kira was dressed armour with black with red streaks. Chrome was tied onto her waist. Her short hair glinted in the wind. "I have special armour for you guys" she said. She lead them to a room with four sets of armour one was blue, one was red, one was black, and one was white. "Only the elemental ninjas are supposed to wear it" said Kira. The ninja put them on and went outside every other ninja was wearing armour. They organised themselfs into seperate ranks. Kira led the Land rank with Andrea, Arice lead the Air rank with Kelly, Ross with Nexia. Chancler was flying next to Arice, each rank was five hundred people wide and eight hundred people long give or take a few hundred. They started the march to the queens castle. The queen was expecting them. "Charge!!" said the queen. "Charge!!" said Kira.

Chapter 18Edit

Kira was slashing and bashing makeing her way up to the queen. Chrome became an ark of pure destruction nothing was goint to stand in her way.Chancler clashed with another griffon. They clawed and fought untill the enemy fell and Chancler moved on to white dragon. Cole was in his human form fighting when a soldier next to him fell, He started to fight two peple at once then three and four. Cole being overwhelmed turned into a dragon and created earthquakes on the enemy's side. Kai and Jay were fighting side by side when Jay recevied what would be a killing blow but instead it glanced harmlessly of of his chest. "The armour" said Kai "It must also work when we are in our animal form." Together they knocked down a couple of dragona and phenoix. Kelly came flying over "Jay use your sonic scream." Jay let out a scream that could be heard for miles.The dragons with sensitive ears dropped to the ground. Zane was fighting a huge sea dragon. Zane clawed and rolled but could not get any real damage. "Cole" Zane said "I need you to create a huge earthquake." "Ok, give me a few minutes" said Cole. Zane was swimming a patterns and trying to get away from the big dragon but was unsucessfull. A huge peice of rock hit the dragon in the head. The dragon floated down to the sea floor unconcious. More peices of rock started coming loose and hitting only the enemy. "Thanks Cole" said Zane. "No problem" said Cole. Kira was fighting with the queen, when one of the earthquakes Cole made knocked the queen to the ground. The queen turned into her elemental animal, a wolf. Kira and the queen were circling each other when Chancler came running up with Kai and Jay. Cole and Zane caught up to them to. The queen leaped at Kira and landed ontop of her. Kira threw her off. The queen lunged at Kira striking her on the arm. Blood started to come out. Kira lunged at the queen. The queen tried to step away but Kira caught the queens foot in her mouth. SNAP the queens left leg was broken. The queen fearing deafeat tried the same trick with Kira but instead of Kira moving out of the way she jumped over her and landed safley on the other side. Kira got the queens right foot and snapped it in half. The queen no longer able to fight collapsed. "Did she just" said Cole. "Yea" said Chancler. The battlefeild was dead quiet, no one moved. Kira transformed into her human form. Chancler grabbed the queens crown and placed it on Kira's head, "Bow down to your new queen" said Chancler. Every person on the battlefeild bowed.

Chapter 19Edit

The ninja were hanging around the side of the dance floor while nearly every other person had a partner and was dancing. Kira came up wearing a beautifull purple dress "Guys lighten up it's my coorination, have a cookie." "It wouldn't be the same with out Nya" said Jay. Chancler came up and next to him was Nya. "Nya" said Kai. They


Kira's dress

hugged and Nya said "I see Kira is the new queen of this dimension." Kira smilled and wandered off to dance. She later came back to see them still not dancing. "Follow me" said Kira. She lead them through a garden full of trees. They came apon a beautifull ballroom with lightning bugs flying around. "These bugs are magical" said Kira "Why are they magical?" asked Jay. The lightning bugs formed together to make a king and a disco ball. They bowed to Kira and took her hand. He led her out to the dance floor. They formed again making four princess for the ninja and a prince for Nya. They all started to dance. A slow song came on. The bugs lead Jay to Nya and when they were face to face dissapearing into the room. Cole could see that Kelly had come and was being lead by the bugs to Kai. Kira was lead to Cole. Zane was still dancing with athe lightning bugs. They all started dancing to the slow song. At almost the end of the song Cole said to Kira "How are they magical bugs?" "They know love when they see it" said Kira. Cole looked into Kira's eyes and Kira looked into Cole's eyes. He went in for a kiss. Kira met him half way there.


The ballroom

The EndEdit

(I was thinking of making a part 2)

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