NinjaGo Khan Cropped

Khan's average appearance. He rarely removes his mask.

Khan is a mysterious man that travels Ninjago aimlessly (at least, that's what he says). He has Spinjitsu experience, able to spin into a white-gray tornado. His past remains unknown, but it's possible that he was born near Kai or Cole's birth area.

Canon StorylineEdit

Khan didn't have much to do with the main storyline, but he did witness the rise and defeat of the Great Devourer and was around when Garmadon/Overlord returned to Ninjago and infected everyone; it is unknown if Khan was infected.

Meeting a New TeamEdit

During his travels, Khan met a new ninja team, led by Ryoken, a headstrong ninja who was later revealed to be half-human, half-Serpentine.

Undead NinjaGoEdit

In this alternate storyline, Khan, wearing no mask and just casual clothing, was the leader of a small town that managed to survive the zombie onslaught and lived peacefully in the community until Kai, Jay, Cole, Zane, Nya, Lloyd, and Sensei Wu arrived. At first, Khan welcomed them to his humble town, but when he discovered the gang wanted to destroy the zombie apocalypse, Khan grew nasty. He said that the zombie apocalypse was a great thing in his life because the government wanted to take his town and clear it away, using the land to build what they wanted. But with the goverment zombified, Khan was free to keep his town, which was more than capable of warding off zombies that came too close. He told the heroes they were never going to leave or live and ordered his townspeople to attack, easily overwhelming the group, causing them to flee. After a day of living in fear, the heroes came out of hiding and fought back at the townspeople, convincing Khan to finally abandon his beloved town, and shedding tears when he witnessed Kai burning it down. He then angrily disappeared. The ninjas continue to hut down Khan, since he was planning to kill them for foiling his plans and burning his town. They still continue to watch their backs in case that man tried to eliminate them in order to keep the zombie apocalypse running.


  • Khan is really after something: an ancient artifact that'll grant him ultimate power.
  • It's possible that Khan was once one of Sensei Wu's former pupils, since he dresses and acts like a ninja, even knowing Spinjitsu and having an obsession with assassinating Wu.
  • Although Khan claims he doesn't care for others, he often saves small children. He says they deserve to live because they're innocent and often kind to him.
  • Khan's hobbies include drawing and writing songs. People often hear Khan coming into their villages, singing custom lyrics he wrote himself.

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