Katie 2

Katie in her usual ninja outfit and her new Scythe

Katie is the sixth Ninja of fire. She appears to have a HUGE crush on Cole in

Ninjago: Couples of Spinjitzu. Her best friends are Jay's son, Electron and Vulcan, Kai's son. Katie loves to tease Jay for liking Nya, Kai's sister.


Katie wears a hot pink Ninja suit and uses the Scythe of Flames. She has waist-length black hair and sashes of hair on her face. She also wears a princess-cut red diamond on her chest, connecting the black straps around her body. She blushes a LOT whenever Cole compliments her.

Love LifeEdit

Katie met Cole by accident. She was supposed to be the Ninja of Evil, but Sensei Wu saved her and brought her to the Dojo. Cole immediately fell in love with her. In the episode "Fire and Earth", Cole asked Katie out on a date, but the bad guys came and ruined it. Cole got bitten by one snake and slowly transformed into one of them. Cole grew more shy, not wanting Katie to see him in the state he was in. Katie told him that no matter what he looked like, she would always love him. She then kissed Cole, which caused him to transform back to normal and unlock his True Potential. Jay then wished he had a friend like her. This is the only episode where Cole says that Katie looks beautiful.


Katie's hobbies are creating stuff with fire, drawing, and flirting with Cole. She mostly creates hearts with fire when Cole's around. Katie can create words as well, such as "LOL" whenever Electron or Vulcan say something funny. Most of her drawings are pictures of her and Cole together. Katie also likes to joke around with Lloyd, and she made her own annoyance: she Llodels instead of Yodels. So it sounds like, "Llodele-he-hooo!!"


Katie's main weapon is the Scythe of Flames. She also uses a katana, shurikens, and nunchucks.


Katie is very light-hearted, kind, sweet, and mystrerious. She can be flirty and gorgeous at times. Sometimes she loses her temper, but she is the sweetest of the Ninjago Ninja, being the most loved one of Sensei Wu and the most hated by Pythor. Katie is very punk-gothic, wearing black for her goth side and hot pink for her punk side. She is wierd at times because of her love for boy things. She finds amusment in people's pain, sometimes laughing at that, and she enjoys zombies. She is very insecure about herself and is sometimes depressed. It's a good thing she has Cole for help. Katie shows a brother- sister side to Vulcan and Lloyd. She can sometimes be annoying, saying, "Dude! YOLO!", "I'm tellin' ya, hamboning will save your life someday", and "It's YOLO! Not YODO!". Cole dosent seem to care about how annoying she can be; he loves her too much.