Kate is a ninja and one of the Elemental Girls.


Kate is energetic, happy, and a bit of a social butterfly. She enjoys writing songs and playing music as hobbies. But when it comes to her element, which is Magnetism, she can be a bit of a klutz. Her powers are stronger than what most ninja could handle, leaving her often grabbing much larger items with her magnetism than the ones she intended.


Kate wears a charcoal gray gi. When not using her hood, she wears a gray beanie over her short, black hair.

When she achieves her full potential, she receives a gi similar to her original, but with shiny silver trim and markings.


Before becoming a ninja, Kate brought together her band, which was called Elemental Girls, as they all had elemental powers. She was the lead singer,but always left Anna (Elemental Girls) to do the managing, feeling unable to take the position of leadership. She continues her adventures with her bandmates, but now as ninja.

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