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“Shut up, don't care.”

— Kasumi

Kasumi Sayori Dyla was a simple teenage girl until she gave in and decided to follow her dreams and become a martial arts master.

Backstory Edit

Origins of the Demons - Kasumi. (Full Story)

Kasumi was taken hostage and lost her memory, she was experimented on and had tests run, she was injected with pure dark matter and oni blood.

Personality Edit

Young (16) Edit

Kasumi was stubborn and usually swore at her enemies, laughing with her friends about it.

Corruption Edit

Stage 1 - Kasumi started to lash out at her friends and leave crowded areas.

Stage 2 - Kasumi began to isolate herself and ignore EVERYBODY.

Stage 3 - Kasumi strikes fear into her peers and starts to destroy most objects

Final Stage - Kasumi starts an evil rampage and starts to fight all of her friends and family.

Returning from the Rift Edit

Kasumi returned from the rift as a 22 year old young woman, wise for her age and funny. She usually tells her peers wise tips.

Appearance Edit

Kasumi has soft blonde hair that nearly goes over her left eye, and she wears an amulet with pure oni blood around her neck, yet it is hidden under her gi. Her gi is purple and light purple with her casual clothes under it. She wears black leather pants with purple bandanas tied around her knees. She wears a silver shoulderpad.

Relationships Edit

Yeager Dyla - Grandfather

Armin Dyla - Father, Beth Dyla - Mother

Friends Edit

Sakura, Chloe P. Moisson

Weapons/Abilites Edit

Meteorism Edit

The ability to summon meteors and have them crash to earth. Only used in serious situations, as it causes a lot of property damage.

Spinjitzu Edit

Kasumi's Spinjitzu is red in color, and looks like electricity. It has black mixed into and it looks like cracks.

Anything she can find. Edit

Kasumi is a trained assassin so if someone is attacking her from behind the flips them over by their arm so they hit their back of the floor.

Dark Magic Edit

Only used when she is corrupted by her Oni side. Extremely powerful.

Quotes Edit

"Oh, well, I mean.."

"Look, Leland, you need to GUARD the crystal, not let people look at it."

"I'M THE PRINCESS!? How!? Mother.. Were you-"

"Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!"

"Get out of my way."

Trivia Edit

  • Kasumi has an older brother who went missing.
  • She has Oni and Demon blood.
  • Her hair is a bleached white color. (When she reaches 22 after Lord Vortech creates a rift in the sky)
  • She lost her arm in an upcoming story and now needs to have a prosthetic limb up to her bicep.
  • Kasumi is an Ivory Oni (credit to AstraStars)
  • Credit to MasterGarmadon for the Corrupted and Oni drawings.
  • To build her Casual/Older Casual form you need a sharpie, grey legs, lloyd's movie hair, lego city pizza truck hoodie torso and the hoodie girl's head.You color boots on the legs with sharpie. For Older Casual you need The Quiet One's hairpiece.
  • To build Enforcer you need a black hood, Kylo Ren's hooded head, custom paper-drawn torso, silver black arms and the custom boot legs from Casual.
  • To build her Ninja Form you need the pizza girl's head, lloyd's hair, harumi's hair, Lil Nelson's torso, ultra violets legs, black arm and yellow arm for metal or two yellow for normal. And for older you need Ninjago Movie Nya's Skirt
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