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Original Airdate

June 1, 2014

Storyboard Artist(s):

  • Tim Hill
  • Stephen Hillenburg


  • Phil Lord
  • Chris Miller


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When lloyd turn into 4 year old now by his own age ray gun while Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd,wu,Garmadom and their girlfriend and eveyone and earth planet accidentally freezes teamselves for 2005 and experiences complications while finding a child called darlyn and dianne was lost after kidnapper kidnap them.


On 2000 December The day starts off quite well for kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd and their girlfriend walking to Ninjago city outside the freeze ray to go 2000 while lloyd turned into 4 year old by use a age ray gun. All things planet become freeze for 5 years.

Balla the daughter of emma stronger and percy flame finally discovers all people after a hinge snaps off and the door breaks down. After being defrosted by Bella, sensei wu, lord Garmadom and their wife are kidnapped by Bella.

Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd are see their girlfriend are stuck on ice, but end up burn by kai as kidnapper kidnap a two child Kai and Angela beat kidnapper with Their weapon and place it and they see their boss kidnapped by bella they follow her but she so fast her own car they start cry. They then hear crying and both say they didn't make the noise. They spot a two little girl in a corner of the tree who was making the noise because they lost their parent. They name her "Darlyn and dianne/diana" and decide to adopt, with Kai and angela as the brother and sister and Jay,zane ,cole,Nya,Kalen and kira as the uncle and aunt and lloyd and window as the twin brother and sister. However, the next day kai,jay,zane,Cole and lloyd eats breakfast and then explains that they has to go to work as he is the adoptive brother of Darlyn,dianne and adoptive uncle thus leaving Buffy and Jacob to do all the house work. They promises to give Buffy and Jacob a break when they gets home. They eventually returns home only to be exhausted from work, and then decideds to sit on the chair and watch TV for the rest of the night. This goes on for several days until Buffy and Jacob can't take it anymore. Eventually, Kai and angela angrily lashes out at kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd and their girlfriends.

Kai,Jay,zane,cole,lloyd and their girlfriends. They then shows all the diapers that Darlyn and dianne used. Kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd and their girlfriend then realized the error of Thier ways and promised to come home at 6:00 to save their boss and give Their boss back in the whole night off. However they returns at 12:00 Midnight from a party at work. Their boss (Angela and Kai accidentally inject dianne and Darlyn with rainbow heart potion) isn't happy and follows kai,jay,zane,cole,lloyd and their girlfriends only to find out that "work" consists of Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd watching television bella room. They explains that it isn't as easy at it seems; sometimes they has to move the safety, sometimes they loses the remote, and sometimes they has no one. Angela,nya,kalen,kira and window doesn't buy it and then opens up Kai,jay,zane,cole and lloyd's briefcase and dumps baby kit all over Their boyfriend and kai says "Oh, so this is the thanks I get for working overtime?".

Kai,jay,zane,coel and lloyd then reveals that he wasn't home by 6:00 as he decided to "work" overtime. Angered, Angela yells "OVERTIME?!" Then the two ninja couple begin to fight (sensei wu and lord Garmadon are happy see their student are fight at them and emma wu and lady Misako Garmadom are happy Their student fight at them) until they see darlyn and dianne was jump to death they cry as Bella appear fights off and eventually attempts and kidnap them to escape by climbing the wall to be her minion. Darlyn's last use overpower to catch save them ends in vain as she manages to fend her off. She continues climbing and just when lloyd thinks she'll get over the wall, buffy flies to her using the 3D Maneuver Gear and cuts off the fingers on both of her hands. Stepping on her face, buffy tells Bella to fall, with the latter recalling about a child named emma stronger was dralyn birthname, being too late to ask for forgiveness. He tells her that even whole world is against her, he is always on her side, so she should return to kai. Bella falls down and kai use overpower decapitates her while losing an arm of his own. Just as hulk kai claims that he will destroy the world, he bites out a chunk of meat from the Bella Titan's neck, revealing Bella's real body. This worries Hange and others, thinking that hulk mai will eat Bella, however, upon seeing Bella and her tears, darlyn stops herself and kai. This gives Bella a chance to use her hardening ability, encasing herself in a crystal, which causes her to start merging with kai and darlyn as well. At that moment, Kate and jack rose appears, cutting darlyn and kai out of the hulk and scolding him for trying to eat an important witness.

Some time later, darlyn wakes up in her bed, having recovered from her dreams. She is aware of Bella being frozen, with Lloyd confirming that they got nothing from the operation. Unexpectedly, zane states that Darlyn is the one who let that happen. After a short hesitation, darlyn confirms that upon seeing Bella, he couldn't move. Lloyd and window (turned into 4 and 5 year old now just like Darlyn and Dianne was 4 and 5 year old) are then called for a hearing and Darlyn and dianne confides to Kai and Angela about them feelings during the battle. Kai and angela expresses themselves to be happy that they returned alive to be adoptive sister. Outside, Lloyd and window discuss whether bella becoming a child hero or ninja is the only way to beat the Villain. Kai and Angela puts the one part of the rainbow heart gems in Darlyn and dianne house, but states that it won't be easy to overcome fear of live action child. At the hearing, Buffy and Jacob states this to be the moment of humanity's childhood attack on the Crimes. As Bella is being kept deep underground gravetomb, a group of the former 104th Rainbow heart guardian soldiers are nearing an unknown location, not knowing of the dangers awaiting them as darlyn was emma stronger and dianne was detective Samantha shaw being say I'm gonna miss you. In post credit scene, the part of the gravetomb voodoo doll was fall into piece due to gravetomb was damaged by Bella, a Dead redrum girl named rose is shown within the gravetomb.


Kidnapper get beat up by Kai and Angela

Gummy worm get eaten by Darlyn

Oreo cookie get eaten by dianne

Bella died into crystal (but later turned into demonic queen)


Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman (debut: age 4)

Angela William G. Dragson

Nya N. Smith

Kalen Alison E. Johnson

Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson

window sarah wu

Dianne Katherine P. de Guzman (debut: age 5)

Demonic queen/Bella claraline (debut)

Unnamed live action kidnapper (debut: cameo)

Rose redrum (debut: cameo)

Other skeleton army


Ninjago citizen people (debut)

Buffy summer (debut)

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

emma wu

misako garmadom

Gummy worm and oreo cookie from paperbag (debut)

Kate Marie L. Rose

Jack Rose

The other doctor (debut)

Darlyn and dianne cousins (debut)

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