Kai, ninja of fire

 is a major protagonist in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. He is the Red Ninja of Fire, and Nya is his younger sister. He and his teammates were chosen to protect the Green Ninja. He was the last Ninja to join the team, and the last to unlock his True Potential.


Kai's early lifeEdit

Kai was born in Ignacia, the first son of a blacksmith who owned theFour Weapons shop. He and his younger sister Nya were raised in their father's craft. When his father died, Kai took it upon himself to keep the family business going, vowing to surpass his father's smithing skills.

Way of the ninjaEdit

When the Four Weapons were attacked by Samukai and his skeleton army, Kai attempted to defend it with Samurai armor he made. .

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