Kai's First Date
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Original Airdate

june 22 2014

Song and Short

deer in the headlights/attack on cutest titan

That's All Folks



lego Ninjago


why Kai has a pet.

Reads to Talk

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kai having a big trouble for his girlfriend angela who unlike him.


The Prologue start with kai taking a nap, when Angela walks up to kai room and wake him up and reprimands him for "killing" her unkown uncle and aunt. (who is now both deceased.) while kai has a nightmare being to see his parents then disappers as reveal Madame Fate lying dead on her crystal ball's table. A black ghost hovers above her, saying that "while you rescued chi chi from group of the other buus, you will never save goten and trunk, goku and Vegeta son. kai wake then sees the woman (see kai girlfriend,love interest "later wife in ninjago children") talking to his girlfriend in his room. angela informs her boyfriend that something evil was released along with Emma stronger (darlyn mae p. de guzman a.k.a D.M), and kai say "your highness, I know and receives a strange, unnamed present (from angela aunt) in his closet. When kai opens the present, he sees that it's voodoo doll of black ghost. Frightened in his fear, the blood stains his pajama and turns around reveal black ghost possessing angela. Buu's dead Bodies grabs kai as a murder, and he begins screams in fury as buu's evil laugh is heard.

The Episode start with darlyn reads a comic book called lego ninjago rise of the serpentine before bedtime. Because of that She sees a fire ninja need her when She reads a comic book every night, while she hears a magical book need her. However, darlyn goes to digital box to tell for help it call the password "6 years old little girl named Emma stronger who create a rainbow heart necklaces as she in 38 years old after 34 years"

darlyn arrives to help him as she hear Angela who screaming and get raped by kai (who is get possesed) as darlyn screams and run around finn leaps on her, and they bump into jake. Then, darlyn, finn, and jake are all taking cover, while darlyn calling for lloyd who sleepy in his room and walk to darlyn room to talking what happened to angela get raped by kai, lloyd learn his lesson.

meanwile, super buu is sick of goku defeat him in prison, super buu spots Mikasa and falls in love with her. Plus, he kidnap Mikasa to go on date, eren tries to reveal super buu's schemes and break up the ill-favored fling. eren decides to break up that fishy relationship before he winds up with the world's handsom brother in law and before super finally gets revenge on eren. While accusing super buu for the "scheme" he reveals angela arrest super buu for kidnap mikasa and turn out to be samurai 0.

kai met angela to be sorry about rape her, angea learn the lesson while darlyn meet new friend, because she accidentally scare Other buu's and cause them to panic (whielem screams) their own fear of live action childhood girl after Kai nephew and niece calling their parent there live action zombie girl and run away from her, darlyn learn her lesson and go home to read a comic books, in epilogue lover teammate crew is shocked by dianne as they tells Misako and emma to come see their new student.


Darlyn Mae p. de guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

dianne Katherine p. de guzman

fionna farmworld

cake whiteson

Angela William G. Dragson

Nya N. Smith/walker

Kalen Alison E. Johnson

Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson

window sarah wu

emma wu (debtu)

misako garmadom (debut)

the other buu's (debut)

Eren Yeager (debut)

Mikasa Ackerman/Yeager (debut)

Armin Arlert (debut)

madame fate (debut)

black ghost (debut)

angela's uncle and anut (debut)

annie walker (debut)

tommy walker (walker)

emma walker (debut)

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