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Kai is the ninja of Fire. He was chosen to protect the Green Ninja (Lloyd Garmadon) along with the other three Ninja (Cole, zane, jay). Kai, along with his sister Nya, were the children of the blacksmith and owner of Four Weapons. When their parents disappeared, Kai took it upon himself to keep the family business going and swore he would become an even greater blacksmith. He was the son of The Past Elemental Master of Fire (Ray) and The Past Elemental Master of Water (Maya). He inherited the Elemental Powers of his Father (Fire). He is the Red Ninja. In the Tournament of Elemnts, he started developing feelings for The Elemental Master of Amber (the power of absorbtion), Skylor.

General DescriptionEdit

Kai is very impetuous, and often leaps into things before he thinks. He would leap into a lake before checking to see if there's fire in it. Really, he hopes there is, because he wants to fight it. But, he is a kind person who cares greatly for his friends. He is a Party Person when not in Fight Mode. He also becomes a little reckless when it comes to achieving a target or goal.

Family (Canon)Edit