Junior Ninjas is a Team formed by the Ninja's children and their friends. They go on adventures to different worlds and mess things up at home with video games and food fights. There are 13 members.


  1. Veronica, Kai's daughter and the element of fire, the (self proclaimed) Leader
  2. Alex, Lloyd's son and the golden element, the (unwilling) second in command
  3. Eliot, Oil well fortune heir and the element of wind, the hot one
  4. Cj, Cole's son and element of earth, the dumb one
  5. Maria, Cole's daughter and element of Crystal, the angry one
  6. Rose, Zane's adopted daughter and element of ice, the musical one
  7. Kiba, kai's adopted daughter and serpentine powers, the wild one.
  8. Luke, Cole's adopted son and serpentine powers, the prankster
  9. Cynthia, Lloyd's adopted daughter and serpentine powers, the sneaky one
  10. Poison, Jay's adopted daughter and serpentine powers, the muscle
  11. Collette, Jay's daughter and the element of thunder, the sniper
  12. James, Jay's son and the element of Lightning, the speed
  13. Mei, Jay's daughter and the element of water, the sweet


The kids were born presumably in the same year but at a different month which was 2 years after the Overlord's defeat. Veronica,Alex,Eliot,Cj,Maria,Rose, Collette, James and Mei began demonstrating their elemental abilities very early in their lives, such as Veronica often burning her diapers or Eliot starting a storm when ever he cries. The serpentine kids on the other hand are orphans, kidnapped from their families and used by the Anacondrai cultists as test subjects for perfecting Serpentine spells on. Rose meanwhile, was abandoned in the hospital after her true mother, a drug addict, couldn't bear the thought of raising her.

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