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Ninjago Jenny Real



Favorite Weapon

Butterfly Sword







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Jenny is Jason's girlfriend and the purple Ninja of butterflies.

Chapter 1: Jenny the Butterfly NinjaEdit

Old Josh: (being chased by giant snakes) Help! Somebody, help!!!

Zap, Maria, Clark, Titor, Jason: Ninja, GO!!!! (jump and spin)

Clark: What? There's a butterfly on my head! Get off, get off, get off!

Maria: (hears a noise) Hey, what's that sound?

Jenny: Ninja, GO!!! (makes the butterflies kill the snakes) Good riddance.

Old Josh: Thank you for helping us!

Jason: Hey, I'm Jason. What's your name?

Jenny: My name is Jenny.

Bloody King: (secretly watching) I will be striking soon, Ninja! (evil laugh)

Chapter 2: Jenny's Love InterestEdit

(A week later after meeting Jenny.) Clark: I think it's time that we introduce you to Sensei Lloyd, Jenny

(They all go home.)

Maria: Sensei, Jason has a girlfriend.

Zap: And her name is Jenny.

Jaz: When did you guys start dating?

Jason: About two days ago.

Jaz: Wow, that's nice.

Clark: I'm glad you two are together.

Maria: Me too.

Bloody King: (secretly watching) She will come back to me soon. (laughs evilly)

Chapter 3: Slumber PartyEdit

(The Ninja are walking around the Butterfly Kingdom.)

Jason: Wow, this is nice!

Clark: Ugh, get off my head you pesky butterfly!

Jason: Clark don't hurt the butterfly because it won't hurt you.

Jenny: hey Jason and friends! Come inside!

(Zap, Maria, Titor, Clark, and Jason all enter Jenny's house.)

Jenny: Let me show you all around. This is my living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, and science room.

Maria: Is this where you make the potions?

Jenny: Yes, and you can sample some, if you want. I have a chill potion, red potion, fire potion, and finally, a gold potion, which is hot.

(Clark drinks a sample of the gold potion.)

Clark: Ha ha, it's not burning me! (face turns red) Ah!!! Hot, hot, hot!!! Bad idea!

Maria: (kneels down beside Clark and touches him playfully) You shouldn't have drunk that in the first place.

Butterfly Guard: (imitating trumpet) La la la la la la!!! I have come to announce the arrival of the evil Bloody King!

(The Bloody King on a scary camel enters the castle gate, frowning when he sees a little butterfly boy swinging on a swing. The boy suddenly falls, and his father flies up to him.)

Butterfly Father: Don't worry son, I'll catch you!

(He catches him, but the Bloody King shoots him and dies.)

Butterfly Boy: (crying) Mommy!! Daddy is dead!!

(The butterflies leave in a butterfly car.)

Bloody King: Poor little boy. (smirks evilly)

(Meanwhile, with Jenny and the others.)

Clark: Um, who exactly is the Bloody King?

Jenny: He was the first of mom's experiments gone wrong...

(Flashback scene. Jenny's dad dies, and her mom looms over a bed, which contains her dad, who doesn't have a face. She sticks a nose on him in the manner of someone sticking a carrot nose onto a snowman. Then she grabs for a vial on a nearby table and pours the liquid onto his face. Features start to form, and he gains a mouth and a pair of closed eyes. Suddenly, his eyes snap open in fright, and he groans loudly.)

Young Jenny: Mommy, what are you doing to daddy?

Jenny's Mom: I'm bringing him back to life, sweetie. Don't worry.

Young Adum: Sis, I'm scared!

Jenny Mom: I will miss you, Adum...

Golden Man on a Golden Car: Come on, Adum!

(Adum gets in the car, and he leaves to go to the Sun Kingdom.)

Young Jenny: Brother...

Jenny's Dad, Bloody King: Ugh...

(He sits up and kills her mom quickly, then frantically flaps his arms at his daughter.)

Bloody King: Gaaaaaah!!

(His eyes roll back into his head, leaving only the blood exposed as he screams.)

Bloody King: EAAAAAAGH!!

(Young Jenny looks mortified and frightened, and she screams in horror. The scene returns to the castle at present day.)

Clark: Don't worry Jenny, we will stop your father.

(Zap, Maria, Titor, Clark, Jason, and Jenny walk out.)

Bloody King: So, I see you all have met my daughter, Jenny! (laughs evilly)

Chapter 4: The NightmareEdit

(The four young ninja sleep, and Jason begins having a nightmare.)

Jason: (wakes up) What the- (gasps) Oh no, where's Jenny?!

Jenny: Jason! Help me!

Jason: Don't worry Jenny, I got you!!

(The Bloody King smashes Jenny.)

Jason: No!!!

(Clark and Maria scream in pain as they burn to death.)

Jason: Oh no, I'm doomed!

(Zap and Titor also scream in pain and agony as they freeze to death. The nightmare ends.)

Jason: Ah!!!

Clark: Dude, what's wrong?

(Jason sees himself in a mirror)

Jason : I must save her!

(10 minutes later)

Jenny: Our baby's name is Bella!

(Zap grabs her along with her baby as they flee away. The bloody king turns Jason into stone. Cut to a scene to where Jenny and Zap tend to Jason's family.)

The End

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