Jaya is the common name used to refer to the ship Jay x Nya

Season 1Edit

Upon hearing that the ninja would be saving Nya from the Skeleton Warriors Jay excitedly exclaimed "We're saving a girl? Is she hot?". After rescuing Nya Jay fell head over heels for her often trying to impress her to no avail. In Once Bitten Twice Shy, however, Jay and Nya went on a date and Jay unlocked his true potential after saving Nya.

Season 2Edit

Following season 1's events Jay and Nya seemed to be a couple or at least aware of each other's feelings. Evidence would be Nya blushing and yelling "Call me!" after Jay (well his bizaaro counterpart) kissed her. After Nya's kidnapping on the Dark Island Jay, besides Kai was the most concerned, even going so far as to punch Cole in the face after he joked about it.

Season 3Edit

This is where things got messed up. After Nya decided to take a perfect match test and her 'perfect match' turned out to be Cole, Nya became split over the two ninja. The boys eventually found out and that ultimatley broke the friendship between Cole and Jay. Seriously Nya? You had to take that test, didn't you. X( 

Season 4Edit

During the Tournament of Elements Cole and Jay made up for their fight and became friends again. Upon returning to Ninjago Nya rode Jay's dragon, implying she might have begun to rekindle their relationship. 

Season 5Edit

Since Nya was training to be the Water Ninja during this season she and Jay didn't spend a lot of time together. But when Jay saw his future Nya was with him. 

Season 6Edit

With Jay being the focus of this season we got plenty of Jaya screen time. The season started off with the ninja being celebrities, and Nya, understandably, became annoyed with her portrayal as the stereotypical girl ninja. However, she chose to vent her frustration out at Jay, who was unable to conceal his feelings after the vision in the tomb of the first spinjitzu master. She carries this attitude on, seeing Jay as only a teammate but occasionally losing her temper on him, for the first half of the season. However, when Jay was kidnapped by the Sky Pirates, she began to regret her actions. She also seemed to genuinely care for Jay, as when they were infiltrating New Djinnjago, she was uneasy and upset at what might have become of his fate.In the episode 'The Last Resort' when hising from the Sky Pirates Nya confesses she always believed she was meant to be with Jay and then saves him by giving herself over to the Sky Pirates. The season ended with Jay's final wish being to bring Nya back from her apparent death. The last shot of the episode is Nya and Jay hugging it out. 

Day of the Departed Edit

Unfortunately, there was NO Jaya in this special, but there was a bit of Nycole/Conya (DX)!!!😡😡😡 When Cole becomes human once more, there is a slightly awkward moment in which most Jaya fans ran from the room and sobbed in the fetal position at the sight of the two being a *little* too close for comfort. Just when you thought the ♡ /_\ was over, Jaya had won, we get Nycole. GOOD JOB, DAVID SHAYNE!!!😡😠

Hands of Time Edit

Jay asks to hang out with Nya. Nya agrees, and they were having a moment, when Kai interupted.

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