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"That's not all I'm the master of. I do a little inventing. I dabble in model building. A touch of cooking. A little poetry..." -Jay

Jay Walker (Gordon) is the elemental master of Lightning. He is often seen wearing blue and his elemental animal symbol is an octopus. Jay is the comic relief of the ninja, but is not be underestimated. He takes his role as a protector of Ninjago very seriously.  

Born the son of famous actor Cliff Gordon, he was left at Ed and Edna's Scrap and Junk shortly after his birth. He was raised an inventor by Ed and Edna unaware of his true identity, until he was taken by Sensei Wu to join three other ninja to master Spinjitzu and help Wu defeat his brother Garmadon. 

Jay is usually portrayed as weak, but in season 6, Skybound, he proved he could fight like a true warrior when it came to protecting his close ones. 


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