This character is originally from Xiaolin Showdown. But it may be supported with fanon info.

250px-Jack SpicerShowdown

Jack Spicer

In Shroob12's universe, Jack Spicer's last name is Borg, and he is a henchman and the nephew of Cyrus Borg and his most loyal assistsant. He help's his evil uncle create Nindroids to help Lord Garmadon take over the world.


In Shroob12's universe, Jack Spicer Borg was raised by his uncle Cyrus when his father died. He helped his uncle create robots and gave some to Lord Garmadon (those were the Doom Drones). Jack was with the gang with Samukai and the Doom Clan when they raided Julius's home and made him upgrade their evil army and to make vehicles that were made to destroy.


  • He has the powers of Electricity and Darkness, but never shows it.
  • He has the power of Bolt bending, which can control Robots.

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