I am Zamurai Marko. I am currently thirteen years old. When I was 8, my father told me that I was going to be a merchant. I didn't mind the thought of being a merchant. However, at age 10, my parents were taken by bandits. My brother, Logan, didn't know what to do, and he left me.

I went to Deathly Pines. I found a cave there and made it my permanent residence. I found a black Ninja suit and put it on. I saw the bandits with my parents. I defeated the bandits and freed my parents.

My parents turned around the canyon and flew away in their cruiser. I trained myself in Deathly Pines. I knew all Ninja had an element, but I didn't find my element. I saw a scroll in my cave and read it. It said: "Meet Darkness in the Dark Caves of Datho."

I knew where Datho was and built a cruiser. I named it the Zamurai Cruiser. I traveled to Datho and found the Dark Caves. While approaching the Dark Caves, a tune played. I encountered the Halloween Rider. I picked up two swords and defeated him. I walked into the Dark Caves. Darkness was a actual person. He wore a dark robe and had skeletal hands.

Darkness summoned a swirl of Darkness. The swirl entered my swords and myself. I had the element of Darkness now. I thanked Darkness, and he responded, "I will always be around. Just call my name, and I will appear." I nodded. I didn't know The Neon Hunter was watching me.

I flew away in the Zamurai Cruiser. I returned to Deathly Pines, and I trained there for three more years. I unlocked all the moves of Darkness. My ally, Darkness, taught me Dark Spinjitzu. I realized that the Neon Hunter was watching me.

Darkness told me that the Neon Hunter was hired by the Halloween Rider. I was instructed to go to the Ninjago Shipyards by Darkness. Darkness told me that The Neon Hunter would be there, and the Grey Ninja would be there to help me. I nodded and headed to the Shipyards.

When I arrived, The Neon Hunter chased me. I confronted him and caught him off guard with Dark Spinjitzu. The Neon Hunter nearly defeated me. The Grey Ninja appeared and defeated the Neon Hunter. The Neon Hunter fired a rocket at the Grey Ninja. The Grey Ninja became trapped in a Portal. I kicked the Neon Hunter.

He dropped his Neon blade.
Neon Hunter

The Neon Hunter

I picked it up. The Neon Hunter flew away. The Neon Hunter's ID card fell. I picked it up, and it said: Logan Marko. He was my brother. I took his ID ard and his Neon blade.

I opened the portal and freed the Grey Ninja from it. He thanked me and jumped away. I went back to Deathly Pines. A year later, the Grey Ninja returned and notified me that Neon Hunter was killed. I was sad over my brother's death. I told the Grey Ninja that the Neon Hunter was my brother. I learned that the Grey Ninja's name was Max Green. I allowed him to stay with me in the Cave.

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