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October 31 2014

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When Kai starts sleepwalking and dreaming about the dead man he filed away in his memory vault at the end of "Heroes in vacation," His friend help him tap into his repressed memories to uncover a secret past.



The prologue start with This episode begins with Kai in the kitchen late at night watching horror. Suddenly, Davy jones emerges from the floor and begins trying to grab onto him. as They wake up to check on him, to discover that he was only having a nightmare. They are not happy with Kai's recurring nightmares about the Davy jones, and try to think of a solution.

They tells Kai that in order to solve this problem, he must visit his "vault" and find out who the scary man is, Kai remembers the vault as the place where he stores all the memories he can't handle, and They is not amused to find Kai does that consciously. Finn and jake presses for Kai to go into his vault but Kai rather aggressively refuses. Later, Finn and jake comes to Teammates crew claiming Dream machine has a new memories. But when she turns it on, it is actually a hypnosis that makes They sleep and enter the subconscious to visit the vault" of repressed memories.

Kai 1.0 turned into candy monsterEdit

The movie start with Kai and his friend Jason,zane and coleman (who is renamed Jay,zane and cole in the series) making potion,but he got stuck by toxic when Kai get kicked out by his boss (who is renamed Sensei wu in the series), in outside Kai is eating toxic from factory, when it mix up with spider and nerd candy, when he sees his girlfriend Angela 1.0 was kidnapped by bad gang, when it The hospital for five hours Kai is wakes and has a cast on his head as he turned himself into candy monster to attacked nurse clown, at bad gang's lair Angela is awakes in the prison, where her Friends (who is renamed Nya,pixal,kira and window,fionna,cake in the series) and knights are retreated by snakes like a bat called snakesbat Angela screams out as she was rescued by Kai, who pushes the snakesbat back to the River of Lava, then scares away the bad gangs, Angela see Kai as a monster standing her. When she recognizes him, due to when was young being scared of monster, she shrieks in fear, meanwhile a 12 year old cops like detective named Heather (who is renamed Darlyn in the series) and her twin brother floyd (who is renamed Lloyd in the series) are solve a problem, when they sees a bag gang 1# are shiver in fear and hiding from the monster.

They tries to arrest him as begins to destroy the city. Their boss Tommy (who is renamed Garmadon in the series) tells They that kai is too powerful to be defeated by them. He instructs them to distract the monster long enough to create another Candy Sphinx to fight back, and that they need to not think about the plan or Kai will find out.

Heather and floyd confront Kai but are beaten by his psychic powers. Angela inject him with sleeping pills as she sad have a broken heart and running away, heather and floyd throw him into the ocean to say goodbye.

Kai 1.0 is back normalEdit

Meanwhile Kai is now back to normal, has mermaid tail and awake in forest of ocean, when he meet a girl named alice, who lives in the ocean, alice unconscious and saying it was by the Bad Gang. Her father king rogue "rescues" his daughter, brings them inside the kingdom, and treats the wounds. Kai tells the story of his childhood to The king, where his twin Kaia (who is renamed Karen in the episode.) and parents sold his right arm for a computer before abandoning him at a dojo. King rogue is shocked and explains that parents are supposed to protect their children. Kai takes Alice's words to heart, and the two form a friendship. Kai considers staying with Alice and adopting a normal life, but a spy from the Bad Gang threatens to tell the Bad gang leader that he abandoned the job, which would result in his death. Fearing for his life, kai "pretends" to beat up the spy, resulting in high praise of his combat ability from Alive.

Alice then requests Kai's help on creating the first ocean Guardians (who is renamed Finn and jake in the series). Once the ocean Guardians are created, Alice tells Kai she has a surprise for him, ordering her young Cousin to bring out a wooden box. Kai opens the box to find a mechanical arm to replace the one his sister and parents sold. Kai starts to tear up and makes the excuse that she has to go back to his room.

Kai places the mechanical arm on his right stub and cries as he remembers the threat that the Bad gang leader told him before Angela left that Angela would be killed if he didn't capture and return the amulet. The scene cuts to King rogue make alice sleeping, before a ocean Guardian asks loudly if Alice is in danger. Alice tells the and her father that she is fine and to go watch over the other Mermaid citizens. Once the ocean Guardian is gone with king rogue, Kai sneaks into Alice's room and reaches for her amulet. However, the ocean Guardian catches him in the act, setting off an alarm and waking up Alice. Kai panics and swipes the amulet off of Alice's neck and jumps onto a platform below. However, Kai is blasted by the ocean Guardians' laser eyes, causing him to fall into a river of colored and blood, toxic chemical waste below him. King rogue and alice orders the ocean Guardians to rescue him, but when one of the ocean Guardians places his spear as the hand into the toxic waste, it is burned off. King rogue tells the ocean Guardians to take a break for the night as Alice looks on in sorrow. Kai's pet snakes looks on from below, waiting at the riverbank. Alice watches on for a few more moments before turning her back on the toxic waste river. The machine flashes "end of session" before turning off with a loud beep, waking up The teammates crew from the hypnotic state before saying that the "past must be reckoned with."

He proceeds to call Alice, requesting her to come over right away. The scene cuts back to when kai fell into the toxic waste. The pool ripples and a mutated Kai, who now appears the same as the scary man from Kai's dream, crawls out of the waste. She crawls out to the fields bordering the ocean Kingdom to a blacksmith shop, remarking that he now has two arms from her transformation as he give a blood from himself to a baby blacksmith to be Kai, until he start to drop his blood to him. He then dies at the base of the floors as the sun rises over him. He is left at the base of the house, only to let the tree grow around him, as she soon ends up in the floorboards of The blacksmith's house.

The scene cuts back to Blacksmith's house and Queen alice has arrived. The teammates crew leads Them to the crafting room, where he proceeds to knock over his crafting weapons table and tear up a bunch of floorboards, surprising and confusing Alice. Once Kai is finished tearing up the planks, it reveals a hollowed out hole where Kai is buried. Kai's ghost rises from the hole and hands Kai the long lost amulet before disappearing, showing his skeleton remains. This reveals that the Davy jones was only "haunting" Kai in hopes he would soon return Alice's amulet. Darlyn hands Alice the amulet where she exclaims in shock. She looks past Them and sees Kai's skeleton, realizing who the skeleton belongs to. Kai cuts him off from saying anything by stating that he is Kai and states that Alice is not 19 but rather a "bazillion years old." Alice laughs nervously and They looks back at the hollowed out hole where a normal Kai gives the the thumbs up. Kai comments that the vault feels lighter, as zane say: that, mean is still have time, the mission is not over yet and lloyd say: i think you should join force, don't you think, Kai as he will now, gang.

hunger gameEdit

Meanwhile, the gate keeper at Hunger games checking Kai's passport, As they are allowed through the gate, they enter a stagecoach that takes them to the manor. When they enter the manor, the districts have significantly changed in appearance, now wearing fancy clothes and show signs of mild intelligence. One of the Clown is dangling from the ceiling, and announces their arrival, but does not quite get their names right. Stan appears, with hia wife snakes princess having gained much more weight since the last season he was in. Star lord (emmet's uncle) also appears, but wearing a suit. He follows on a device that lets him hover. The teammates crew are surprised to see the changes in both of the them. Stan bends over and welcomes the all. When Peter attempts to welcome them, Stan stops him. Instead, he instructs Clown Head to announce that it is dinner time, who does so immediately.

The scene shifts to the dinner table. The districts with their pets enjoy the sophisticated party, while servants serve buffet-based food. Darlyn and lloyd switches places with a Their pet Om nom and second piranha to sit next to Kai. Kai asks how Kai is doing, but the Smith responds by telling Kai that something has happened to the two them, and that he is concerned because they used to be identical. The gluttonous Stan smacks peter two with a leg of chicken for floating too high hife on his device, and greedily devours more food. Stan then orders for a floor show. Darlyn offers to play in it with her guitar, but Stan says that only districts are allowed. The show consists of two districts 17, one smacking himself, and another just going "WHA" over and over, which does not please Stan at all. He electrocutes the districts 17 with a remote control button, which makes them do it faster and louder. While the show proceeds, the satisfied the clown takes a Stan daughter Katie's piece of bread, his only food, and eats it. Peter, feeling pity, gives some of his bread to the Katie. Stan is outraged by this, and screams "UNACCEPTABLE" while Peter murmurs "acceptable..." The two Mans then argue over this. Kai says that he cannot watch the them fight anymore, so he wanders off.

While wandering around the manor, which seems to be falling apart, he discovers a little girl named Becky simson, a female young Child and friend of Felicia and her friends, singing a song of sorrow with her harp. Kai loves the little kids instantly, and says that she can come to the Bella's Kingdom with them because becky says Stan hates them and her music, locking them in a filthy bathroom. Suddenly, snakes princess and stan burst in the door, and Stan smashes becky's harp. Kai says that Felicia and her friends is a brilliant friends, and should go to Bella's kingdom, but Stan snatches them away. Kai schemes of how to free children, and, as suggested by his friends, pulls a prank along with Darlyn and lloyd on snakes princess by exploding her pudding during dessert. This gets both maple,dipper and The teammates crew stuck in the dungeon with Felicia and her friends. Becky plays Darlyn's guitar at their urging, but she plays awfully. Suddenly, both them dance into the room, hearing the awful noise as beautiful music. Peter releases them all, to the utter anger and outrage of Stan, while jay,zane and cole to give clothes for him by steal Kai's suit and without his underpants. Stan and his wife says that emmet's uncle is too handsome, and snakes princess eats peter whole.

Maple, dipper,the teammates crew, Felicia and her friends escape, but find that the manor gates are locked. Darlyn and lloyd suggests pranking him again, but Kai,jay,zane and cole replies angrily that that will not work, and that Kai is too strong like Blackflame for that stuff. Suddenly, Stan and his wife appears on a balcony, and orders all of districts to kill all of them. During the battle, Peter quill forces his way halfway out of her mouth to stop the fight. He tells them all to listen to him, and he releases them from service to his tyrant henchman. He says: "It has cost me much...but I have learned..that districts need not killing children to survive. MY NEPHEW! Go forth! Become star lord and return for me! Go!"

Stan's wife eventually forces peter back into her stomach. The districts help the all heroes over the castle gate, while Stan's wife stares at emmet in hatred.

Lloyd tells Darlyn and She suggests that she patches things up with Her family, realizing how it feels to be manipulated, and that Smith is just too strong for taken over the rainbow heart as the episode ends.


In epilogue,Kai is visit Angela's house to sees Angela is napping, so Kai will have sex to her.


Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

finn Mertens

jake whiteson

Dianne Katherine P. de Guzman

Angela William G. Dragson

Nya N. Smith/walker

Kalen Alison E. Johnson

Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson

window sarah wu

emma wu

misako garmadom

fionna mertens

cake whiteson

Heather jones (Darlyn Mae P. de Guzman 1.0) (debut)

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith 1.0 (Davy jones) (debut)

Jason Walker 1.0 (debut)

Zane Julien-Roberts 1.0 (debut)

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets 1.0 (debut)

Floyd jones (Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon 1.0) (debut)

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon 1.0 (debut)

Tommy smith (lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon 1.0) (debut)

ocean Guardians 1# (finn Mertens 1.0)

ocean Guardians 2# (jake whiteson q.0)

Angela 1.0 friends 1# (Dianne Katherine P. de Guzman 1.0)

Angela William G. Dragson 1.0

Angela 1.0 sister in law (Nya N. Smith/walker 1.0)

Angela 1.0 friends 1# (Kalen Alison E. Johnson 1.0)

Angela 1.0 friends 3# (Kira Elizabeth K. Wilson 1.0)

Angela 1.0 friends 4# (window sarah wu 1.0)

Angela 1.0 boss 1# (emma wu 1.0)

Angela 1.0 boss 2# (misako garmadom 1.0)

Angela 1.0 friends 5# (fionna farmworld 1.0)

Angela 1.0 friends 6# (cake whiteson 1.0)

Queen alice (debut)

King rogue (debut)

Bad gang (debut)

Bad gang leader (debut)

Snakesbat (debut)

Felicia ridder

Suzy gellar

Grace Anna crow

Simon ridder






becky simsom (debut)

Luke and Andy







Peter quill/star lord (debut)

Snakes princess (debut)

Stan pines

Dipper pines

Maple pines

districts (debut)

Emmet Brickowski/star lord 2.0

Lucy Brickowski (cameo; at the end,when she was cleaning Angela's house)

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