Humeros is a Lego Ninjago fan character created by Sketch. He has some Shadow elemental abilities, and has been plotting to take over the Underworld (followed by the other realms) for over a century.

General description Edit

Humeros is a rather typical Skeleton Warrior in appearance, mainly notable for the monocle he wears in his right eye. He is very devious but equally patient, ready to wait however long it will be for the time to be right...after all, he's already dead; what's the hurry?

History Edit

Not long after he adjusted to life in the Underworld, Humeros saw the potential for takeover. Needing someone to support him, he found the lowest-ranked, lowest-potential skeleton in the army and easily convinced him with promiaes of power and donuts. Together, they founded the secret faction of "The Underworld Resurrected".

This organization grew over the next century, and controlled (directly or indirectly) thirty percent of the Skulkin by the events of the canon timeline.

Future Fear Season 2: Flesh and Bones Edit

Sixty-five years later, in the days of Lloyd's ninja team, the time was finally right, and the quasi-democratic government run by Nuckal and Kruncha was overthrown by TUR.

More will be added as the stoey develops.

Weapons Edit

Humeros weilds a dark steel triple-bladed scythe. There are also rumors that his monocle fires lasers, but there is no evidence supporting this statement.

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