Hes the was the fifth Fangpyre General before Fangtom, hes a dragon now and he guardian of the dragon sword,

Dragon sword: Because Snakes are more related to Dragon than anything Snakes can beturn into Dragons by simply touching the sword. Hissmin takes care of the dragon sword Its his duty. He choosed it, he chooses for the most worthy snake to proceed him, but he failed, the evil Tize got the sword

I'm not a dragon, i'm one of you, snakes can change, I've changed over the years" Hissmin said. "Wait, your Fangpyre" Tize said. "Yes, I am, I was a young, fangpyre many years ago, I had good looks, I was the general years ago" Hissmin said. Before fangtom cutted him off. "Wait, how could you be the general, you can't be the general before, me, or the general before that, I was around how could you be the general?" Fangtom snapped. "I was the general over thousand of years ago, when oroborous was still up and the anaconari were still in good numbers, before we were sent to the tombs and locked up for a long time" Hissmin said. "Impossible, we can't live up to thousand years" Fangtom snapped. "When I was turned into a dragon, I was given the life span of one" Hissmin said. "As I was saying, I searching for food, when I found a sword, I grabed and was turned into a dragon, started to realize i must protect this sword, when i found a bunch of dead dragons skeletions everywhere and it was a note in one that said to protect it, i went to the highiest weak in ninjago and rested in a cave. over the time i became wiser and older"

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