Helena Purple is the Elemental Master of Form, she appears in The Beginnings by an Anonymous user.

Appearance Edit

Before her accident Helena was tall and lean. Had deep blue eyes, perfect teeth, and her most striking feature--purple hair. These traits and her swift military actions earned her the nickname The Purple Peacock. However, after being caught in a fire, then imprisoned by Hiroshi, Helena became horribly scarred. After becoming the Master of Form she returned to her original state, though after some time she let her scars show through because she figured they made her look tougher and more intimidating. 

Personality Edit

Helena is determined and courageous. She willingly lead her troops into battle and rarely lost. She is described as being a genius of coming up with battle plans. Despite all this Helena can be very self-centred and obsessive about her looks and reputation.

Abilities Edit

Battle Plans Edit

Helena was a military genius. She came up with some of the most creative and daring battle plans in Ninjago's history.

Warfare Edit

Helena was an excellent fighter and leader--she rarely lost a battle.


  • In an early draft of Book Four: Form Helena's nickname was 'The Chameleon'

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