Name: Gyro

Race: Constrictai

rank: Ninja

Son of the contstictai general and grey ninja  NINJA OF DARKNESS, he killed himself, but was brought back to life. Gyro is Skaildor's son, hes best friends with Slizzela. Hes actually really bad at the spinjitzu, he ends up digging drilling underground with his spin attack.

Qoute: Gyro: Darn why cant I stay above Ground

Slizzela: You will get it

Gyro: *sighs* Ya Right

Jay: It takes Practice *rolls eyes* *in thoughts* (STUPID SNAKE WHY ARE THEY EVEN NINJAS THERE MAKING FOOLS OF THE NINJAS)

Cole: Hahaha Your dragon even laughing at you

Shadow: HAHAHA! RAWR!AHAHAHHAHA *Looks to the purple dragon*

Soundwave: batters her eyes at the yellow dragon* Rawr

Toxic: Rwar

Everyone turns to the crimson Dragon

Volcanic: RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!

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