(Somewhere near Ninjago City, Lloyd and Sensei Wu walk around the road and start talking about the green ninja.)

Sensei: Lloyd, ever since your grandfather died, I received a gift for you made by him. He gave it to me to give it to the green ninja."

Lloyd: So, what is it?

Sensei: Your golden weapon, to keep forever."

Lloyd: Cool! Will I learn Spinjiztu too?

Sensei: Very, very soon...I hope.

(Lloyd frowns.)

Sensei: Now, when I pass, you'll become like me.

Lloyd: Don't say that uncle! Did he die because he saved us like my dad or left because we don't know?

Sensei: Well, I'm going to miss him.

Lloyd: Will we see him again?

Sensei: I hope...

Part 2 Edit

(Garmadon falls down to his death in thr slime with the golden weapons.

Garmadon: Ahh!!! (falls into a rock) Ow! Curse you snake!...I saved everyone.... I hope Wu won't be evil like me when he gets eaten...wait, what is that purple moving thing? (picks up rock) Pythor!

Pythor: What happened (coughs) to the ssssnakees? (coughs again)

Garmadon: You lost, you fool'

Pythor: Darn it! AGH! Ow...

Garmadon: And you thought it was inside the statue...I hope Lloyd does a good job...

Pythor: That fool! He's such a loser.

Garmadon: Don't say that, you stupid lizard!

Pythor: I'm a snake!!

(Garmadon hits him with the four golden weapons.)

Pythor: OW!!!! That hurt!

Garmadon: No way out? Then fine!

Part 3 Edit

Meanwhile, on the streets of Jay's Parents's junkyard

Kai: So this how we live in a junkyard, like Jay did.

Jay: Well I had a happy childhood!

Kai: But it stinks in here!!!

Jay: I love this smell!!!