Glacia is the elemental Master of Ice. She appears in The Beginnings by an anonymous user.

Appearance Edit

Glacia is an older woman. She has silvery long gray hair and cobalt blue eyes that convey lots of emotion. She often wears a blue beaded parka.

Personality Edit

Glacia is strong and wise. She is good at giving advice and always thinks before speaking. Glacia is quite sensitive and does not feel the need to hide her emotions. As a healer, Glacia is kind, compassionate and caring. Also she is very good at focusing and leading other people.

Abilities Edit

Healing Edit

Glacia is an accomplished healer, one of the best in her tribe.

Ice Edit

Glacia is very familiar with her element and therefore is quite comfortable with using it.

Trivia Edit

  • Glacia, in appearance, would seem to be the oldest elemental master. However, Li Wei and Chromoly are both older than her.

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