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The Gramatron is the current Lair of Lord Garmadon and the Doom Clan. it is a giant floating sphere with red eyes, a giant mouth a flaming Skull nose canons and the Doom Clan logo. It is very strong and powerful.


The Garmatron was a ancient warship used by an extinct race until Garmadon brought it back to life to destroy the Ninja and take over the planet. 

It raided the Baseball Park while fighting Lloyd and Daph and reported to the other Grandmasters about the failure.

It is the new awesome lair.


  • Lord Garmadon
  • The Doom Clan
    • Slithraa (Dan Lewis)
    • Dogpound (Chris Bradford)
    • Samukai
    • R.A.N.K.I.S.S.S
    • General Kozu
    • Kruncha & Nuckal
    • Frakjaw and Chopov
    • Stone army
    • Doom Drones
    • The Deadly Six (Formerly)

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