Karly: Hey monster!

(Everyone gasps.)

Monter: Huh?

Cole: Who are you?

Karly: I'm Cure Misty, and I will fight this monster!

(The monster roars angrily and attacks Karly.)

Karly: Agh! How do I attack?? 

Leacy: Karly! Say "pretty cure misty clouds!"

Karly: Okay! (attacks the monster) Pretty cure misty clouds!

(The monster dies.)

Cole: Thank you!

Karly: No problem. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go. Come on Leacy.

(Cure misty leaves.)

Cole: Who is she?

(The Ninja and Ninjettes go home.)

Cole: Hey Karly, have you seen her?

Karly: Seen who?

Cole: Cure Misty? She was great?

Karly: Who is she?

Cole: ...Never mind. See you later.

The End

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