Five night at freddy's part 1





Original Airdate

October 15 2014

Song and Short


That's All Folk

porky pig


Saving rainbow hearts


five night at freddy's part 2

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Transcript part 3: 25

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Darlyn and Lloyd get a jobs from Freddy fazbear's pizza restaurant, however including the kidnapping and murder of five children by a man wearing a costume similar to Freddy.


The prologue start with Eren is having a flu,when he have a dinner with clown girl, finn (who mistake eren for girl clown) to chase him around the room.

The episode start with lloyd and darlyn watch commercial was freddy fazbear's pizza restaurant, when they get Finn and jake to get a jobs as a night guard, at nighttime Darlyn and lloyd sleep on their jobs having a nightmare when Kai is running from a mysterious woman, they wake up on their dream and they don't have memories.

Meanwhile at daytime, they wait for them, when tom and spike get chased along with jerry and Tuffy by doggie of doom as lloyd tries to help the them,but Darlyn love both mouse and cat, she talk to owner of pets, why did there a killer on restaurant,Lloyd thinking about the killer was in underground, Finn and jake wearing a clown costume, when princess bubblegum tries to help them to get rid of clown costume,but emmet (who appear want pizza) got bitten into his head by foxy, they screams in horror, at nighttime again, finn and jake is cleaning in the kid's cove, when they sees an animal robot to attack them, while they run to office to get help.

Darlyn and lloyd are shown to be very sleepy and sitting on the chair lazily. Finn and Jake informs them that they have been eating for hours. Soon, darlyn,lloyd,Finn and Jake notice a shadow on the ground that gradually becomes bigger. They look up to see a foxy trying to attack them. Darlyn,lloyd,Finn and Jake dodge this attack and attempt to fly away. However, because of Darlyn and lloyd did closes the door, Darlyn and lloyd is not able to survives and skids across the ground. As the foxy flies closer, Darlyn amd lloyd cowers. The foxy does not recognize Darlyn and lloyd and flies onward. As Fdarlyn and lloyd tries to closes the door away, the foxy notices and flies towards them once again. Just as the foxy was close enough to strike, but they gert saved by finn and jake, while they figure out the soul of five missing children, they fight five robot animal to set children soul free as they talk about a soul murder was a person.

In epilogue, finn and jake sleep on restaurant, when Eren escape from them along with four fang blades he got fall into the dump, get captured by pythor.


Darlyn Mae p. de guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith (flashback, when he running from her)

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Finn Mertens

Jake whiteson

Eren yeager/clowngirl

Tom Cat (debut)

Jerry Mouse (debut)

Tuffy Mouse (debut)

Spike Bulldog (debut)

Rick (debut)

Ginger (debut)

Aunt Claire (debut)

Hannible (debut)

Freddy Fazbear/missing child 1# (debut)

Bonnie/missing child 2# (debut)

Chica/missing child 3# (debut)

Foxy/missing child 4# (debut)

Golden Freddy/missing child 5# (debut)

Pythor P. Chumsworth (Cameo; in the end, when he tries to get fang blades from eren.)

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