Biography Edit

Fish eye is one of the members of the amazon trio and is the servant of Queen Nehelenia and zirconia.Fish eye used to be a dream time creature in utopia before palla palla transformed him into a humanoid.Fish eye was a male in his animal form but when transformed he became a female.Fish eye always looks for hot guys to steal their beautiful dreams.she uses a katana when fighting the sailor time Fish eye was bored of stealing beutiful dreams and asked zirconia why does she have to steal dreams.zirconia got furious and started choking Fish eye with supernatrual waves and told her just not to ask questions but just to do her job.then palla palla went to fish eye and told her that she should take revenge on sailor mercury her arch when amy(sailor mercury) was walking palla palla told amy to come into her fish shop not knowing that palla palla was a enemy from the dead moon circus.the fish shop was

called pallas fish shop.then she said to amy here take this fish for free because you are our first customer but the fish was actually fish eye as a trap to steal amys dream mirrior.when she went home and put the fish in a bowl then fish eye transformed into his humanoid form and then trapped amy on a dream board and took her dream mirrior then sailor moon and sailor mini moon came to amys rescue and destroyed fish eye by using their attack moon gorgous meditation.then palla palla came and took fish eyes dead fish body.then sailor moon and sailor mini moon saved amy and put her dream mirrior back in her body.

Gender: female/male(fish form)

Age: 21

Images (3)

Fish eye

occupation: member of amazon trio

Species: fish/humanoid

first appearnace: act 2 sailor moon Super S

theme color: blue

Appearance Edit

Fish eye has a blue pony tail with a blue ringed body suit with blue boots and a fish skeleton on her suit.also with long sharp nails and a eye on her forehead

in her fish form she looks like a lion fish but blue with red fins and a white tail.

Attacks Edit

Katana slash -uses a katana and slashes her enemy

Download (2)-0

Fish eye as her fish form


Sailor moon and mini moon destroying fish eye

splash -spins around which makes a big splash of water at her enemy

Items Edit


Ability Edit

her ability is that she can summon remless and attack with her katana


Fish eye transformed into a humanoid

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