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October 15 2014

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wake me up when September end/run Om nom run!.

That's All Folk

ice king


Five night at freddy's part 2


True potential & Nrg ninja

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Darlyn and lloyd on their mission to save four ninja from the Strangling Ballon clown snakes, Finn Depressed by his feelings with Flame Princess, (mainly due to the fact that Flame Princess wasn't laughing at his joke) Finn enters a pillow fort built by Jake where he enters a new world and makes a new life for himself.


The Prologue start with darlyn and lloyd are cleaning the room,when Sensei wu and lord Garmadon calls her, telling her that buffy's baby daughter has created a "race of strangling ballon clown snakes." The phone then disconnects and They lets it hang before pressing a button for their mission, except Finn and jake.

The episode starts with a knife storm outside the Tree Fort. Jake, who is shaped like a bulldozer, is carrying pillows. Finn, however, is sitting on a pillow chair sulking. After warning him to move out of the way, Jake dumps the pillows on Finn, making BMO fall on Finn's head and CMO on BMO's head. Finn tells Jake to knock it off, Jake apologizes and says he is only trying to cheer him up. He asks Finn how he could be so upset when he is with some of his best friends, and one of them is building an actual pillow fort. Finn replies saying he is just thinking of Flame Princess and said that he told her a joke, but she did not respond. Finn assumes their relationship is over. BMO says that maybe she just did not understand the joke Finn told her, but Finn does not believe it, and says that maybe she has used her laugh on another guy's jokes. Finn then adds that having a girlfriend is hard, to which Jake replies that being crazy is hard and starts explaining that he needs to focus on real problems as opposed to imaginary ones. He demonstrates by throwing his favorite mug outside the window and says that it is not real and he does not care about it anymore. However, Finn still does not understand and decides he needs some time alone. He crawls through the pillow fort and finds a hidden door. Finn opens it and finds a whole new world made of pillows.

He transports to Pillow World, which startles him. The door then magically disappears. Finn then slays the Blanket Dragon which makes the Pillow People happy. He then meets the mayor Quilton, who declares a "celepillabration." At said celebration, he meets Quilton's daughter, Roselinen. The two share a dance.

Meanwhile, at the Tree Fort, Jake pulls his favorite mug back into the house using a fishing pole. When focus returns to the pillow world, a great deal of time has passed. Finn is now an adult and has two children with Roselinen, Jay and Bonnie. Quilton visits and tells Finn that archaeologists have researched the door leading back to Finn's world. He says that the door only appears for a short time.

When the episode switches back to the tree fort, BMO is playing with Jake's mug. It has placed a clown wig on the mug, and one on itself. Jake tells BMO he wants his mug back, but will be willing to make some hot chocolate. BMO says Jake drives a "hard burger." When the focus returns to Finn and his family, once again many years have passed. Finn is a slightly aged man when he visits an oracle, Rasheeta, to ask about the door. However, Rasheeta only answers him in riddles. Finn begins to have second thoughts about leaving the pillow world. Roselinen tells Finn she knows he has to go, but asks only that Finn remember his family when he returns to his "real life," something he is later unable to do. An imaginary flashback of Jake convinces Finn to stay with his pillow family.

Jake and BMO are playing together when the action focuses on them again. BMO asks Jake about his kids, to which Jake replies that Rainicorn babies do not need their parents for long. Back in the pillow world, Finn is an old man on the verge of death. As he dies, he flies through space naked and bounces off GOLB before emerging out of the top of the pillow fort as a child again. He almost tells Jake about the supposed dream, until Flame Princess calls, telling him that she did not get his joke before and she now understands it. After the call, Jake inquires about the supposed dream, but Finn claims he does not know what Jake is talking about,as a phone call for Finn and jake who call darlyn and lloyd,so Finn and jake save them by beat it up, while jake take and destroy fear crown from alice as Finn tell them about long story as his son and daughter (jay marry the girl named emily and had one child named jay Jr. And bonnie marry the man named andy and had two children named holly and alex.) and tries to say goodbye, while they Call Finn say "Finn" to as Finn and jake run from angry mobs as episodes end.

In epilogue, Finn and jake cleaning on room,while the teammates crews take a break.


Finn Mertens

Roselinen Mertens (debut)

Quilton Mertens (debut)

Jay & Bonnie Mertens (debut)

Darlyn Mae p. de guzman

Kyle "Kai" Sesame X. Smith

Jason "Jay" Walker

Zane Julien-Roberts

Coleman "cole" Brookstone Hence-Buckets

Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon

Sensei Tommy Wu Garmadon

lord/Sensei Marmaduke Wellington Garmadon

Jake Whiteson

BMO (debut)

Blanket Dragon (debut)

CMO (debut;cameo)

Rasheeta (debut)

GOLB (debut)

Buffy summer (cameo)

Alice summer (debut;cameo)

Flame Princess (Mentioned)

Lady Rainicorn (Mentioned)

Charlie Rainicorn (Mentioned)

T.V. Rainicorn (Mentioned)

Jake Jr. Rainicorn (Mentioned)

Kim Kil Whan Rainicorn (Mentioned)

Viola Rainicorn (Mentioned)

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