overlord:im free in that digetle world

kai:how could this happen

pixle:they took the golden ninja

cole:you mean lloyld


(nindroids turn to megadroid)

kai:what is that


jay: oh my god that is the biggest droid I ever seen

over lord : mega droid don't go easy on them Cush them

mega droid: mega droid

(the ninja try and fight mega droid)

kai: too strong

mega droid: mega droid

Cole: before we die I am sorry jay

jay: its all you got to say

Cole: are we friends

jay: yes

nya: at least that s over

(ninja scream)

(and then a ninja comes just in time)

kai: who is that

twilight: wow what a grate enter rents

overlord: Luna no time no see

Luna: I remember what you taking over Ninjago

overlord: mega droid don't go easy crush them

mega droid: mega droid

(Luna kicks)

Kai: she's good

jay: she is a girl

(Luna attacks moon refection)

mega droid: ha ha

Luna: what

mega droid: mega droid

(Luna kicks and punches)

( mega droid hits Luna)


twilight: LUNA

(Luna stands up)

Luna attacks

atomist flash

mega droid: AH

(Kai stares in amazed)

twilight: Luna now

Luna: okay twilight

Luna: grate power of the moon and stars raise your power. credo wand

(takes out her wand)

evil sprites fly away bring the light to the earth


moon jewel reflation

grate power of the stars be free

(mega droid turns in to pink dust)

over lord: Luna next time to wont be easy

Luna: he's gone for now

Kai: who is she

twilight: I fell the power of the moon storm Luna rub my tummy

Luna: rub Rub Rub

twilight: ah chew

twilight: a new power up

Kai: Luna thank you for helping us

Luna: I wasn't helping you

Kai: what

Luna: I was doing it for the city ninjago is over come bye nin droids and its all your fault

Kai: I m sorry

Luna: Kai , jay , Zane , Cole its better if you stay out of it or you are going to be a grate threat In ninjago and Im never going to forgive you NEVER


jay: she just thinks where not strong

Kai: Luna was right it was our fault


Kai: we lead the over lord to Lloyd and we need to do something about it

(mean while)

Luna:(thinking) Kai im so sorry for yelling i know he hates me now

twilight: come on Luna

Luna: okay


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