This element is not canonical, and the author is willing to permit any additions, including to the lists of users and powers.

Fauna is a fan-created element in Ninjago. It is an animal-based power associated with the color khaki.

Other NamesEdit


  • Animal Communication - The user can understand and communicate with animals of all kinds.
    • Animal Summoning - The user gathers all of certain types of animals within an area directly proportionate to the power and skill of the user, and telepathically persuades them to assist him or her. Inversely, they can dissuade creatures from attacking.
  • Animal-based Moves - The user performs special moves, using the "power of [animal]". For example, using the "power of the cheetah" to obtain a temporary speed boost, or the "power of the bear" for a temporary strength boost.

True PotentialEdit

  • Phoenix Rise - After sustaining a critical hit and falling to the ground, the user is surrounded by elemental energy. Health is fully restored, and the user temporarily flies through the air with wings made from energy.


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