Fangster is a Fangpyre warrior, that also has 2 heads. He also acts like a holder for the Fangpyre staff. Not much is known about him, as he rarely speaks, but his colours are mismatched, possibly also a symptom of the venom.


Personality Edit

He normallly takes the staff from Fangtom greedily, and then watches the serpentine meeting keenly. He also has a ghost-like screeching voice as shown in 'The Rise of The Great Devourer'.

Appearences Edit

  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy
  • The Royal Blacksmiths
  • All of Nothing
  • The Rise of The Great Devourer
  • The Curse of The Golden Master
  • The Way Back (Painting)
  • 1. The Rise
  • 2. The Last Stone Warrior
  • 3. Son of Pythor
  • 4. Pirate Attack
  • 5. The Elemental Generals
  • 7. Master of Evil
  • 8. Rise of the Darkness
  • 9. The Final Showdown Part l
  • 10. The Final Showdown Part ll
  • 11. Travel to the Cursed Realm
  • 12. The Lone Hunter
  • 14. The Anacondrai Lord