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Eugeal is a member of the death busters and a daimon created by professor tomoe.she is the boss and leader of the witches 5.Eugeal steals pure heart by using her capture gun which will blast a bolt into the persons heart and snatches their pure heart.Eugeal can summon daimons from brief cases that is held at the back of her wiches 5 van.she normally does this when the sailor soldiers interfere and uses daimons to attack them.Eugeal also has a weapon that she uses called fire buster to attack the sailor soldiers her self when she feels like to.and when Eugeal goes to her work locker a witch named Minette puts acid snails in her locker to eat her things which she gets very angry and she always heres Minette gosiping about how Eugeal is a fowl leader and a disgrace to the death busters.Then she got furious what Minette had said and done so she set a trap to all the sailor soldiers at a abandon church near a wharf so she can show Minette what she can do.when the sailor soldiers arrived Eugeal attacked by using her fire buster and summoning loads and loads of daimons out of her van but the daimons where destroyed by mars fire snake,jupiter thunder cloud,mercury aqua mirage and Venus crescent beam.then sailor neptune and uranus came to help the sailors soldiers but where blasted by Eugeals fire buster which made them have bad burn marks.then sailor pluto came an



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