An element, in the world of Ninjago, refers to a form of magic or power that can be accessed by Elemental Masters.

Canonical elementsEdit

Name Introduced Current Master Known previous Masters
Earth Pilot Cole
Fire Pilot Kai Kai and Nya's father
Ice Pilot Zane
Lightning Pilot Jay
Energy Season 1 Lloyd Garmadon
Absorption (Amber) Season 4 Skylor
Form Season 4 Camille
Gravity Season 4 Gravis
Light Season 4 Paleman
Metal Season 4 Karlof
Mind Season 4 Neuro
Nature Season 4 Bolobo
Poison Season 4 Tox
Shadow Season 4 Shade
Smoke Season 4 Ash
Sound Season 4 Jacob
Speed Season 4 Griffin Turner
Wind Season 5 Marro
Water Season 5 Nya Kai and Nya's mother

Do not add fanon elements to this list. Instead, add to or create the header "Fanon Elements".

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