The Elemental Girls is a team of ninjas created by Sensei Purplebrick. Please do not modify or use without her permission.

"Official" DescriptionEdit

In brightest day,

In darkest night

When danger comes

We will unite!

Such is the chant of the Elemental Girls, a ninja team from another part of Ninjago. Wielding elements no one has seen before, and dealing with evils that none ever saw. Bonded by friendship and a common cause, they are (almost) always ready for whatever comes their way.

The TeamEdit

  • Anna - The fearless, relentless leader of the team and master of Life.
  • Kate - The clumsy but talented master of Magnetism .
  • Cynthia - The shy ninja almost afraid of her Nebula element.
  • Lizzie - The master of Crystal full of book knowledge... And little else.

Other MembersEdit

  • Sensei Ying - Not quite as ageless as his fellow ninja trainers, he actually needs the walking stick he carries. Not that it leaves him bitter. His ninja are capable and strong, and he feels his words of wisdom and reason are all they need.
  • Mac - Technology (and math) whiz, he is the faithful assistant of Sensei Ying, having been with him even before the girls came along. With the help of his computer he can track activity in Ninjago and alert the ninja of possible threats. He is a bit quirky, liking the Royal Blacksmiths and storing information on floppy discs.



Before becoming a ninja team, the four girls were a band, which they called "Elemental Girls" because of their abilities. An old master of Nature by the name of Ying found them and told them how they could put their unique elements to use. Now their sensei, the girls train and fight as ninjas to protect Ninjago, seeking and destroying the threats before they become problems.

Stolen LifeEdit

Anna gets kidnapped and is lost for days. The other ninja find her with her memories and element gone. After a struggle to retrieve both, they set out to stop Anna's abductor. Anna achieves her full potential by learning that sometimes the way to win is to give up.

Tornado of CreationEdit

Lizzie discovers in an old scroll the directions to make a tornado of creation. The girls are eager to have a chance to use it, but when a threat rises, Anna, Cynthia, and Lizzie quarrel. Left alone and fearful of the growing evil, Kate desperately tries to bring her friends back together. When she finally has to step up and takes the lead, her full potential is reached.

Clouded TimesEdit

A dark substance is spreading across Ninjago, turning everything and everyone in its path evil. The girls discover Cynthia's hidden past as they deal with the problem and help her get over her fears and find her full potential.

A Book Never WrittenEdit

Knowledge in books is all you need- right? So Lizzie has always thought. As yet another trouble comes, she unlocks her full potential by learning some things that must be known cannot be put on a scroll.

Theme SongEdit

Because yes, they have one :D

The moment's here

It's time to fight

This is our chance

To stand up for what's right

When all is dark

We'll be a light

Breaking through the clouds

Shining so bright

'Cause you never really know

What's coming next in Ninjago

This is who we are

We are ninja

Soon you will se just

What we're made of

When troubles rise we leave all things behind

Go ninja ninja, Ninja-Go-oo!

We are the hope

We are the life

Our bonds are strong

They will stay tight

With our great power

Evil soon fades

Our senses are sharp

Don't get in our way

(Repeat Channel and Chorus)

In brightest day, in darkest night

When danger comes we will unite

In brightest day, in darkest night 

When danger comes we will unite

'Cause you never really know...

No you never really know!

(Repeat Chorus)

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