This is a fan fiction written by Sensei Purplebrick. To learn more about the main character, click [[Stacy|here.

Oh the drama. :P


Chapter 1: The StormEdit

"Hey, what's going on?" Jay complained as the screen was frozen with a Fritz Doneggan movie trailer. "The TV signal was perfect two seconds ago, now it's stuck!" 

Cole yawned. "Do I look like I know? Probably the dish just shifted itself again."

"Oh, come on! It's nothing! It'll fix itself in a moment!" Kai exclaimed.

But it didn't fix itself. "I sense there is more to this predicament than we feared." Commented Zane.

The four were debating the possible causes of the signal loss when Nya burst into the room, the Green Ninja behind her. "Guys! There's a huge storm on the computer radar! It just came out of nowhere and it's rapidly approaching us and Ninjago City!"

"And from the looks of it, there's a lot of electrical activity within it. Let's head outside and take a look!" Added Lloyd.

The six raced out of the Destiny's Bounty and looked up to the east. There it was: a massive thunderhead racing towards them- and getting bigger. "My falcon! He was out flying. I must summon him immediately!" Cried Zane.

Just then, lightning flashed. They all saw it- and how odd it was. "Ummm does that lightning look a little greenish to you guys?" Jay asked.

"It does. I think we should head east and get a closer look." Replied Lloyd.

"You mean you want us to head CLOSER to that thing?"

"My Falcon is out there somewhere." Zane interrupted. "I'll go with you Lloyd if nobody else will."

"Are you suggesting I'm too scared to go?" retorted Nya. "I'm going too!"

"Me too, Lloyd!" Kai and Cole said at the same time. Dragging Jay along, they went into the storm. More of the strange lightning traveled from cloud to cloud.

Suddenly, they saw a figure standing in the storm. Whomever it was appeared to be reaching towards the sky. "Hey! Hey! What are you doing?!" The ninja called. The person looked at them and froze. The six ran over to the lone figure. As they approached they saw it was a girl. Then they saw a ball of cloud come from her hands. "STOP!" They yelled, coming to her.

Kai grabbed the girl's arm. "Why are you making this storm?" 

She tried to pull away, saying, "I didn't mean to!"

"Yeah right!"

"But it's true!" She reached up with her free arm and a part of the clouds began to come down, but then it suddenly went back up, more clouds from her hand following it. "Oh no! Not again!" She wrenched her other arm free and began to run with great speed.

"I'll get her!" Jay called. He had speed of his own and caught her in a couple moments, tackling her. "You want to do this hard way?"

"But it was an accident! I didn't want to make this storm! I'm just trying to get it down!" 

"Let her be, Jay, until we figure this out." Lloyd said behind him. "Come with us, miss. We'll head inside and talk about this."

"But I have to get rid of the storm!"

"You're only making it worse right now. Let's head to the ship." Pulling her up, he led her along, the others following.

Chapter 2: StacyEdit

 The ninja, accompanied by the mystery girl, headed into the Bounty and sat down at the table. Out of the storm and in better light they got a better look at her. She had thick, curly, dark brown hair, with a blue streak one one side and a green one on the other. She was wearing a green shirt and blue shorts. Her dark eyes had a cold, but sad look in them.    Lloyd, who was sitting across from the girl, started the interview. "Who are you?"  

"And what's with all the lightni- Ow! Nya!!" Jay fussed as she slapped him.  

"One question at a time!" Ordered the green ninja.  

Sensing the rising tension, the girl spoke up. "Um, I'm Stacy."  

"Are you a Master of Lighting?"  

"Yes, like Mr. Fussy over there."  

"Hey, how'd you know I was- Kai!! Not you too!" Jay cut in, rubbing his head.

  "Me next?" asked Cole with a grin.  

"I'll save you the trouble," said Lloyd. He turned back to Stacy: "So how DID you know?"

  "It takes a master of Lighting to catch another master of Lightning." She replied with a voice matching the coolness in her expression. She looked at Jay. "I would think you would have guessed that."

"Well..." He quickly ducked under the table so nobody could hit him.

  Lloyd ignored him and moved on. "Where are you from, and what brought you here?"  

"I live in Stiix," Stacy began. "I often come around here. I have a hard time controlling my powers, so I was just walking along when all of a sudden a huge storm cloud formed from my hands. I tried to shrink it but it only got bigger. The wind started blowing, and I got scared it would hurt something. But I still couldn't make it any smaller. That's when you found me."  

"I don't believe a word of it." said Kai.  

"Yeah, neither do I. Why trust someone with green lightning- okay, okay, I'll stop it!" added Jay when Lloyd glared.  

"Aww, It was my turn!" Said Cole. 

  It was then they all noticed Zane. The fact that he was being quiet was no surprise, but he looked tense- which was very unlike him. "What's the matter?" asked the black ninja.  

"I still am receiving no signal from my falcon." he replied.

  "Falcon?..." Stacy said. Then she got up and grabbed Zane's hand. "Come with me,... Please."   The Nindroid looked strangely at her, but complied. Still holding him, Hannah took him outside.

  The other ninja looked on. "What was that about- COLE!!! would everyone just leave me alone, seriously?!" Jay cried. "I didn't say anything I shouldn't have!" Holding the sore spot, he got up and went into his room.

"OK, maybe we did go a little to far..." Cole said.  

"Don't worry, we can do you next!" Nya grinned.

Chapter 3: Friends Trust FriendsEdit

  Stacy was racing across the ground towards where the storm had come from. It still loomed overhead, bolts of its green lightning flashing frequently. Zane noticed that the hand not holding his was producing a good deal of electricity. He was too nice to mention it and instead asked a more pressing question.

  "Where are we going, Stacy?" He asked as she pulled him along behind her.

  "You'll see. Just come on."

    They ran a little longer before she stopped. On front of them was a small bird-like robot,  significantly damaged. "Is this your falcon, Zane?"

  "Yes... Yes, it is... How did this happen?"

  "While I was trying to control the storm, a lightning bolt came down right on it. I didn't know what to do with it, so I just left it."

  Hannah sighed. "I'm so sorry..."  

"It's okay, it doesn't look bad. I'm sure Jay can fix it."

  Just then a lightning bolt came down near them. Both gasped and jumped back. "You can't stay out here, Zane, you're made from metal too..."

   "What's metal like Zane?" asked Jay behind her. The rest of the ninja were with him.

  Zane explained. "The falcon got struck by her lightning-"

  "Are you kidding me?" Jay cut him off.  He turned to Hannah: "First you make a huge storm, then you destroyed Zane's falcon?"

  This made Stacy angry. "I didn't mean to! I didn't mean any of this! I already told you what happened! This was my fault, but you can't act like I did it on purpose! If you want to blame me, go do it alone!" And with that, she started to run.

  "Jay, go get her!" cried Nya.

  "Nuh-uh, you want her, get her yourself!"

  "Alright,  I will then." Lloyd spoke up suddenly. Forming a ball of energy, he fired it at Stacy, knocking her to the ground. All that was heard was an "Oof!"

  "Lloyd, you didn't HURT her, did you?" Nya said.   They ran to her. The girl was curled up and motionless. "Lloyd..."

  "I'm not hurt, Nya." Stacy got up. "But you might become that way. Please go before I hurt one of you! I mean, look at me!" Her hands were sparking again.

  "Whoa, whoa, Sparky, watch the electricity!" Jay said.

  "Somehow I don't think she can help it." Cole responded. "Come on, Stacy, let us help you. I'm sure there's a way to control your powers. We can teach you how to be a ninja too."  

"Yes, please join us!" Nya pleaded.

  "Now wait a minute- Ouch! Lloyd, you guys apologized just five minutes ago and you're slapping me again already?!"

  "He's got a point, Lloyd." added Kai, "Can we even trust her?"

 "Let's just say friends should trust friends." the master of Energy replied.

  At this Hannah spoke, "Friends? You'll be my... Friend?"  

"Of course-"

"NOT!" cut in Jay.

"Jay, come on, be reasonable..."

"Be reasonable! I say I'm being the smart one! This girl has caused a lot of trouble, and we're offering her help! Are you guys so gullible as to believe what someone we don't know says?"  

"Are we so mean as to not believe what she says just because we don't know her?" Zane took over the debate.  

"Well, I-"

"When Hannah took me to my falcon, Jay, I saw, she had lightning coming from her free hand. When we got to the falcon, I could see  how upset she was. There has to be at least some truth to this, and I've decided to trust her too."

"OK, look," Interrupted the girl in question, "I see I'm causing a lot of conflict. I don't want to be in your way..."

"You won't be," Said Lloyd. "I say she comes, and I know you will follow my decision. Now, won't you let us train you, Hannah?"

"Well,... If you insist, then yes." And with that they began walking  back to the ship. "Friends trust friends, right?"

  "Friends trust friends," was the reply.

Chapter 4: The Real ThreatEdit

A hooded man sat on a chair carved out of rock in a large room. Only it was not really a room, it was a large cavern in an old iron mine. The many caves of many sizes connected by twisting passages made an excellent ready-made lair.   

A person walked into this lair and to this seat carved out of the wall. "Everything is going as planned, sir." he hissed in a voice vaguely Serpentine in resemblance.  

"Good, good." the seated man replied.  

"Tell me, sir, how does rock from a dry iron mine help us take over the ones still in use?"  

"This old mine has more than just iron in it, Galn. You will see what a master of Metal can do to this ore you and the others are digging."  

"But why do you wish to take over these mines, sir?"  

"What do you think, Galn? Mines mean money! And money means pleasure!" 

"You never told me what's in it for us."

"Are you blind?! You're out-of-work miners! This is your work!"  

"But work alone is not enough..."  

"I'll be paying you, of course!"  

"But when?"  

"When... When I get the money from this, of course."  

"You hesitated, sir."  

"No I didn- Just get back to work, you, you-"  

"Alright, then, sir, as you wish, but I expect payment soon, or you can expect trouble."  

"Begone, Galn!" The man shouted as he stood up from his chair.

 The miner's boldness was crushed at this harsh phrase. He meekly exited the cave to join the other workers. Torn between respecting his new master and getting his money, he figured it was best to keep quiet for now. He could handle this later, when it came time for payment...

The dark figure sat back down, and pulled a rock with glowing green flecks from somewhere in his clothes. He cackled as he used his element to make the rock grow much bigger than it had been before. "Everything is going perfectly..." 

Chapter 5: DiscoveriesEdit

Coming soon!