Jay and his Mechanical Wings

I am testing my mechanical wings

Chapter 1Edit

Hello there, I am Jay Walker. I am the son of Ed and Edna Walker. I was born in my parent's junkyard. There, I grew up. My mother once found me kissing my pillow. I took an interest in inventing. I created Mechanical Wings and went to Ninjago City to test them out.

Arriving at Ninjago City, I stood on a roof on top of a building. I flew down and crashed through a billboard. There, I saw a man named Sensei Wu.

Sensei Wu told me to follow him. I picked up my gliders and folded them. I had to climb up to the Monastery of Spinjitzu. I had no idea what Spinjitzu was at the moment. Sensei Wu said that I had potential to be a Ninja. I passed my training course, on my second try. I received a black ninja suit a day later.

Chapter 2Edit

I started to explore the Monastery. I found a collection of scrolls in a wooden drawer and two apples on a table. I walked into a room. There was a bed with blue sheets. This is my room. I walked outside of my room, then walked outside of the Monastery. I started to train further. I did a flip and felt a brief electric jolt run through my body. Wow. I ran down, and I felt the electric jolt run through me again.

I went back into my room. There, I put my black Ninja suit on a blue hanger. I closed my closet. I concentrated to feel the electric jolt again. I felt the elecrtic jolt, and it lit up my room. I looked in awe and started to repair my glider.

Chapter 3Edit

I made three more gliders that night. Once I was finished, I put on my black suit. I walked out of the Monastery. The cool wind swirled past me. I started to leap. I felt the jolt again. I did more leaps, and the jolts increased. I went back inside my room. I started to examine the other rooms in the Monastery. I heard Sensei Wu talking to a boy about my age. "Now, Cole, you will begin your training tommorow and receive a black ninja suit," Sensei Wu said. A new ninja. Great. I went back to my room and saw a envelope with my name on it. I picked it up and started to read it.

Chapter 4Edit

It said: "Electricity is your Energy."
I turned around to see Sensei Wu.
"I wrote that," he said.
I nodded.
"Meet Cole and Zane," he continued.
Two boys about my age appeared.
"Hello there!" Cole said.
"Greetings, Jay," Zane said.
"Hello," Jay said.
Sensei Wu closed the door.


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