Echo is the first Elemental Master of Sound. She appears in The Beginnings by an anonymous user.

Appearance Edit

Echo is described as being short and skinny. She is around the age of thirteen years old. She has black, glossy hair that is rough and uneven around the edges due to it being clumsily hacked off by Echo. Echo wears a torn and tattered lavender tunic. Her most striking appearance are her scarred and clouded eyes--she's blind.

Personality Edit

Echo is shy and quiet. She tries to make herself as small and unnoticeable as possible to avoid attracting predators from the canyons. But don't let her weak appearance and demeanour fool you, Echo is very protective of those she cares about.Despite her disability she is savvy and can hold her own in a fight.

Abilities Edit

Music Edit

Echo is a skilled musician. To pass the time in the lonely canyon she composes music on her homemade instruments.

Heightened Senses Edit

Echo has above average senses of hearing, touching and smelling.

Sound Edit

Echo is the Elemental Master of Sound and has created and mastered a variety of useful techniques.


  • Echo's father was a textile merchant

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